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The Best MTL Vape Kits in 2022

In our opinion, MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping is the most under-appreciated vaping style. While many advanced vapers sing the praises of their sub-ohm tanks and huge clouds of vapour, the humble MTL vape is too-often overlooked.

MTL starter kits are usually the first port of call for vapers transitioning from smoking, thanks to the similar inhale and throat hit to that of smoking a cigarette. They’re also preferred by more advanced vapers who enjoy getting the best and richest flavours from their e-juice, or simply prefer using budget-friendly vape pens and pod kits that use e-liquid economically.

With all these benefits of MTL vaping, it’s no surprise that Mouth-To-Lung is going through a real resurgence in 2022! We’ve seen demand for MTL tanks and kits skyrocket as more and more vapers realise how much they enjoy this style of vaping.

So, if you’re a fan of the cool inhale and enjoyable throat hit of MTL vaping, these are the vape kits you need to try this year.

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Kit UK

Innokin is one of the best vaping brands in the world and they’ve impressed us once again with this MTL friendly vape kit. Including a variable wattage mod with 6-80W of power and the Zenith II tank, this MTL kit also has adjustable airflow that allows you to precisely adjust the vape tank’s performance to get that tight, smooth MTL inhale.

This vape kit uses the well-designed Z coils (0.8 ohm MTL coil is pre-installed) with a useful auto-priming refresh feature that helps you extend the life and get the best vaping experience from the coils. In addition to this, the F0 mode sends pulses to your vape coils, helping extend their life.

One of the unusual features that we really like on this vape kit is the mod’s screen settings – choose pro mode to see more information about your vape or minimalist mode to see less on your screen.

Overall, we highly recommend this MTL vape which comes in at a surprisingly low price for how advanced its features are: just £37.99.

Single Innokin Coolfire Z80 in Leather White

OXVA Xlim SE Pod Kit

For such a tiny, budget-friendly vape kit (only £14.99), the Xlim SE pod kit from OXVA has blown us away with the amazing MTL vaping experience it provides. Featuring draw-activated during, smart resistance detection to match the coil’s recommended wattage, and side airflow control, this vape kit packs a lot of impressive features despite its small size.

For a great MTL experience, this vape is compatible with three different pods with different resistance coils. For the 0.6 ohm coil it provides 22W of power, for 0.8 ohm it offers 16W, and for 1.2 ohm it outputs 12W. With each vape pod lasting 4000 puffs, this is a reliable MTL vape that provides great performance at a ridiculously low price!

Four OXVA pod kits lined up next to each other in Space Grey, Black, Galaxy and Gold Pink.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

Will we ever stop singing the praises of the Caliburn A2 from Uwell? This is a great starter kit that is also enjoyed by more advanced vapers for its excellent MTL experience. Using flavour-adjusting Pro-FOCS coil testing technology, Uwell have created mesh coils that provide a rich, authentic flavour from your chosen e-liquid and really reaches the heights of great Mouth-To-Lung vaping.

Using the easy top-fill Caliburn A2 pods, this vape is super easy and clean to use. It provides a tight and smooth inhale from the reduced airflow and can offer 15W of power thanks to the 520mAh battery. Moreover, the aluminium alloy material that Uwell have used gives this vape a sleek appearance and a pleasant and comfortable grip, making it a joy to vape with. At only £15.99, this vape kit is perfect for any vapers beginning their journey into MTL vaping.

Single Uwell Caliburn A2 pod kit in Iris Purple

Vandy Vape Rhino Pod Kit

This 50W pod kit supports either MTL or DL vaping thanks to its compatibility with VVC coils that range from 0.3 ohm to 2 ohm. It’s easy to change the pods and switch between these two vaping styles, so if you want to try both MTL or Direct-Lung vaping this is the pod system for you.

Compact and lightweight for a mod kit, this has a long battery life thanks to the 1200mAh battery and can be used all day for super satisfying vaping. Plus, we love the design with the pod incorporated into the mod and the attractive leather panel on the chassis that makes this a seriously eye-catching vape for just £23.99.

Six Vandy Vape Rhino Pod Kits lined up next to two each other in two rows of three, each pod kit in a different colour.

Aspire Pockex Box Kit UK

Also offering the option for an excellent MTL vape with intense flavours or a satisfying Direct-To-Lung experience with enviable vapour production, the Aspire Pockex Box Kit is one to look out for. The adjustable airflow ring provides a way to adjust the type of inhale while the top-fill tank makes it easy to use and unlikely to leak e-liquid.

Simple and effective, this vape kit from Aspire makes a good starter kit while still offering the great features of a more advanced vape. Moreover, it’s only £26.99 for all these features – a real steal!

Aspire PockeX AIO Kit - Black

Vapefly Galaxies 30W Kit UK

MTL lovers, you’ll want to get your hands on this vape kit. The Vapefly Galaxies 30W Kit features the Galaxies Air Tank with bottom airflow control, providing a powerful throat hit and rich, luxurious flavours from your e-liquid. Compatible with the FreeCoreTM G series coils, this kit can be used for either MTL or DTL vaping.

It also has a 3S chip with 6 different safety protections, making it an ideal choice for any safety-conscious vaper. Moreover, the waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof technology ensures that this is a durable and reliable vaping device that will last you a long time. Reaching up to 30W with its 950mAh battery, this small but reliable e-cig is a real winner at just £27.99.

Six Vapefly Galaxies Pod Kits lined up next to each other in different colours.

Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit

There’s a reason that Vaporesso is considered one of the world’s best vape brands. Their products are innovative and well-designed, offering a great experience for every vaper. The Vaporesso Target Mini II vape kit is no exception: this new version of the Target Mini comes with an upgraded 2000mAh battery and up to 50W of power that complements the CCELL tea cotton fibre coils. With a choice of ceramic or mesh coils, this vape tank provides amazing flavours when MTL vaping.

What else does the Vaporesso Target Mini II offer? Well, we love the intelligent temperature control and pre-heat settings that make vaping with this model even more pleasurable. A custom power curve setting and bypass mode contribute to the customisability of this vape kit, allowing you to enjoy it to the full. Moreover, fast-charging and an impressive battery life mean that you can use this vape device all day without ever running out of charge. The pre-installed 1.0 ohm EUC CCELL coil means that it’s perfect for vapers who want a great MTL experience. For £29.99, this is a bargain!

Four Vaporesso Target Mini II Starter Kits in Silver, Black, Red and Blue.

Innokin Zlide Tube Vape Pen Kit

The first vape pen on this list, the Innokin Zlide Tube Vape Kit is your ideal kit for flavour chasing. Using the Zlide tank, this has a 3000mAh battery for all day vaping with up to 16W power and a pre-installed 1.2 ohm Z coil for great Mouth-To-Lung vaping. Plus, there’s no denying that this is a seriously handsome vape pen – just look at the gorgeous colours and patterns it is available in! For £32.99, this Innokin vape pen has everything you need for excellent vaping.

Five Innokin Zlide Tube Kits lined up next to each other in Stainless Steel, Forest Camo, Spiral, Blue, Black and Pink.

GeekVape Z50 Kit

Another kit with an MTL tank that can provide amazing flavours and a satisfying throat hit from your e-liquid, the GeekVape Z50 kit shouldn’t be passed over. This can be used for Mouth-To-Lung vaping or Restricted-Direct-Lung vaping with its adjustable wattage and dynamic leakproof top-to-bottom airflow system.

With a 2000-mAh in-built battery, this vape kit also stands out thanks to its attractive design inspired by the Acropolis of Athens no less! For £35.99, you can enjoy vaping with this outstanding kit that offers amazing flavours from your e-liquid and that distinctive throat hit that MTL enthusiasts love.
Four Geekvape Z50 kit lined up next to each other in Rainbow, Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel.

Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit

And finally, we have to mention the Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit. No, this isn’t a disposable vape, although we’ll admit that it nearly fooled us at first. Taking its cue from the rest of Elf Bar’s disposables, this pod kit can be charged and used again and again with pre-filled pods containing 2ml of Elf Bar’s famous nic salts. At just £7.89, this is the perfect starter kit for anyone considering swapping their disposable vapes for something more long-lasting. Plus, the delicious flavours of nic salt offer vibrant flavours and a satisfying nicotine hit that MTL vapers will enjoy.

Why choose the Elfa Pod Kit over the Elf Bar Mate 500? Well, we love that this new edition has a smoother and airier draw, allowing you to take more vapour into your lungs while still enjoying a classic MTL style vape. This provides superior flavours that really allow the e-liquid to shine!

Five Elf Bar Elfa pod kits lined up next to each other in orange, white, green, black and purple


If you’re looking for a new mouth-to-lung vape kit, any of these products is sure to delight. Ranging from beginner-friendly to more advanced kits with innovative MTL tanks, there’s something for everyone from this range.

And, don’t forget to add your MTL-friendly nic salt or 50/50 e-liquid to the cart to enjoy with your new device!

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