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What is in E-Liquid?

E-liquid, otherwise known as vape juice, vape liquid, e-juice, and more, is the essential comment that vapers use in their devices. It’s made up of four primary ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) form the base, providing the vapour and carrying the flavour of the vape juice, flavourings give the e-liquid its distinct taste; and nicotine, though optional, is included in various strengths for those who require it.

VG is known for producing thicker vapour clouds, while PG is appreciated for its ability to carry flavours more effectively and provide a ‘throat hit’ akin to traditional smoking. The balance of VG and PG can vary, offering options for those who prefer a smoother experience or more intense flavour. This composition allows vapers to enjoy a range of flavours and sensations without the harmful chemicals typically found in cigarettes.

What Flavour E-Liquid Is Right For Me?

One of the most exciting things about getting started on your vaping journey is the wide array of flavour opportunities it opens up. However, we understand that with the sheer amount of flavours available, this can feel a little daunting! Choosing the right vape liquid flavour is a personal journey, as it depends heavily on individual taste preferences.

Generally speaking, if you’re new to vaping, we’d recommend starting with flavours that you may be more familiar with, such as a tobacco e-liquid or menthol e-liquid, as these can ease the transition from smoking to vaping the most easily.

That said, there are a huge amount of vapers out there who have a sweet tooth, and to them, a fruit-flavoured vape juice or dessert e-liquid may seem more appealing. The good news? We stock them all!

Experimenting with different flavours is key to finding your perfect match. It’s also worth considering the type of device you’re using, as some flavours are more suited to certain types of e-cigarettes. Ultimately, the best way to find the right flavour for you is through trial and exploration.

What Strength E-Liquid Should I Use?

Choosing the right strength of e-liquid is crucial for a satisfying vaping experience. It mainly depends on your previous smoking habits and nicotine tolerance. For heavy smokers, a higher nicotine strength, like 18-20mg, may be appropriate. Moderate smokers might prefer medium strengths around 9-12mg. Light smokers or those who wish to reduce nicotine intake can opt for lower strengths, like 3-6mg. For those who sit somewhere in the middle, strengths of 3mg to 6mg are available. There are also nicotine-free options for those who simply enjoy the act of vaping without the nicotine. Remember, the right strength is subjective and might require some experimentation to find the most satisfying option for you.

What are the types of e-liquid?

As well as coming in a variety of different flavours and strengths, we can separate vape juices further by their varied concentrations. Defined by the amount of VG and PG that are present in the juice, different ratios associated with e-liquids enable users to make more precise decisions on the type of vapour that they would like to consume. We separate our e-liquids into the following categories, but it is important to note that a product may fit into a number of these categories.

High-VG e-liquid

High-VG vape liquids are e liquids that contain a larger proportion of the sweet, vegetable-based liquid, vegetable glycerine. As VG has a thicker consistency than PG, e-liquids with a high VG concentration promise a smoother vaping experience.

High VG liquids promise prominent cloud production, as they require devices with higher outputs, such as sub-ohm kits, to vaporise them. Cloud chasers tend to favour these types of vape juices, and as well as using sub-ohm kits or sub-ohm tanks, vapers will use coils of a resistance below 1 ohm. Generally speaking, high-VG e-liquids offer a gentler, subtler throat hit when inhaled.

50/50 e-liquid

As the name suggests, 50/50 e-liquid consists of 50% PG and 50% VG. Offering you the best of both Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, 50/50 e liquids are versatile juices that offer an extremely flavoursome and vapour-inducing experience, and can work with almost any type of device or tank. The proportion of nicotine in 50/50 liquids can be highly varied, but is usually between 0mg and 10mg, and it is usually freebase nicotine. With this in mind, they are ideal for both amateur and regular vapers.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts (more commonly referred to as nic salts) offer the nicotine hit that transitioning smokers often crave. The relatively large hit of nicotine salt mimics that of a traditional cigarette and wards off cravings for longer periods of time.

Nic salts are the exact same form of nicotine that is present in tobacco, in its natural form, blended with e-liquid. Owing to the different PH levels in nic salt e liquid, they absorb more easily into a vaper’s bloodstream than typical e-liquids. Nic salts are the perfect option for those who are early on in their smoking to vaping transition, and those who simply require more from their nicotine hits. Additionally, if all-day vaping isn’t a possibility, nic salt e liquid is ideal, as they allow you to vape less frequently due to their longer-lasting nicotine hits.

Nic salt e liquid is best vaped on low wattages, so vape kits with comparatively less power are the best choice for compatibility, including starter kits and pod kits.


Shortfills are a convenient solution for vapers, particularly in response to the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive, which limits the sale of any e liquid containing nicotine to 10ml bottles. These larger bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid, usually in 50ml or 100ml sizes, allow for the addition of nicotine shots to achieve desired strengths. These vape juices not only provide flexibility in nicotine concentration but also reduce the hassle and environmental impact of numerous small bottles. Ideal for those who prefer to stock up, shortfills also tend to be high VG, suitable for sub-ohm devices, offering a smooth vaping experience. For guidance on calculating desired shortfill strengths, be sure to check out our guide on using shortfills.

Nic Shots

Nicotine shots – or nic shots – are small, 10ml bottles of pure nicotine that a vaper adds to nicotine-free shortfills to top them up to the blend or concentration that a vaper requires. As a vaper would usually add them to a flavoured e-liquid, nic shots are commonly unflavoured. By adding them to 0mg e-liquids, vapers can create a personalised nicotine concentration while maintaining the original flavour of the e-liquid. This flexibility is particularly useful for those who are managing their nicotine intake or transitioning from higher to lower strengths.

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E-Liquid Frequently Asked Questions

How much do e-liquids cost?

The cost of e-liquids varies, often influenced by factors like vape juice brand, type, and quantity. To ensure you get the best value, consider exploring our multibuy deals, including 4 for £10, 5 for £10, and more. These offers are designed to provide you with quality e-liquids at more affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy a range of vape juice flavours and types without stretching your budget.

When should I refill my e liquid?

Mostly, choosing when to refill your vape tank with vape juice is a matter of preference. Some vapers refill when their tank is about 50% full, others will wait until it is closer to the bottom. In any case, we would not recommend waiting until the tank is completely empty before refilling. If your tank is close to being empty – regardless of whether you can see inside or not – you will be able to tell. It won’t produce much vapour, flavour will be weak on the inhale and you will experience a ‘dry hit’. If this happens, it is definitely time to refill!

How much e liquid should I fill?

When replacing your vape juice, we would advise filling up to the top. However, when refilling, be sure to wait around 5-10 minutes before vaping. This will give the coil’s wick enough time to fully saturate to provide a more flavourful vape.

What is the best e-liquid for mouth to lung vaping?

For Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping, a technique familiar to new vapers, the ideal e-liquids are those with a higher Propylene Glycol (PG) content, such as 50/50 e-liquids. These liquids provide a sharper flavour and less vapour, similar to the experience of smoking a cigarette. Nic salt e liquid is another suitable option for use with MTL vape kits due to their smoother throat hit and strong flavour delivery.

What is the best vape juice for direct to lung vaping?

For Direct Lung (DL) vaping, suitable for advanced devices and more experienced vapers, e-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content are preferred. These create denser, smoother vapour clouds and are generally lower in nicotine. For frequent vaping, larger bottles of vape liquid such as shortfills are practical, while smaller bottles offer convenience for on-the-go vaping.

What is the difference between nic salt and e liquid?

Nicotine salts are a type of e-liquid that offers a smoother throat hit at higher nicotine strengths, making them ideal for people looking for a more substantial nicotine intake without the harshness. They are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream compared to traditional e-liquids, and can provide a quicker satisfaction.

Can I use any e-liquid brand in my vape?

Absolutely, you’re free to choose any e-liquid brand for your vape kit. Our range of e-liquids complies with UK legal standards, offering you a wide selection to choose from. It’s important, however, to select an e-liquid that matches your specific vaping kit for optimal performance and experience.

What are the best e-liquid flavours?

At Legion of Vapers, we provide a diverse range of popular e-liquid flavours. As you’ll see in our menu above, we fit them into the following categories:

Fruit: Offering a refreshing and sweet taste, options like blue raspberry and mango are favourites among vapers for their juicy and vibrant profiles.
Menthol: These provide a cool and invigorating vaping experience, perfect for those who enjoy a crisp, clean taste.
Drinks: For those who love beverage-inspired vapes, flavours like coffee, cola, and lemonade offer a delightful twist, mimicking your favourite drinks.
Sweets: Catering to your sweet tooth, options like bubblegum recreate the nostalgic tastes of classic candies.
Dessert: Indulgent and rich, these include favourites like vanilla, chocolate, and doughnut, perfect for dessert lovers.
Tobacco: Ideal for those transitioning from smoking to vaping, these mimic the classic taste of tobacco with various blends and strengths.

Does e liquid expire?

Provided that they are stored in the correct conditions, the majority of e-liquids have expiration dates of 1-2 years after the date of purchase. Some flavours (such as menthol) age considerably well, but once you have opened your bottle, we would advise finishing it within 2-3 months, as air will be able to possibly contaminate your liquid.

Can you mix e liquids?

Combining e-liquids is an exciting way to explore new flavour profiles. It’s important to consider the nicotine strengths and flavour combinations to create a satisfying blend. However, not all flavours may mix well, so experimentation is key.

How many puffs are there in 10ml e liquid?

The number of puffs you can get from a 10ml e-liquid bottle varies significantly depending on your vaping style, device type, and the power settings used. However, on average, a 10ml e cig liquid bottle should provide approximately 3000 puffs and can refill a vape tank 5 times.

What does steeping e liquid mean?

Steeping is the process of ageing your e-liquid to enhance its flavour. This is done by storing the e-liquid in a cool, dark place, and occasionally shaking the bottle to mix the contents. The steeping time can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the flavour and personal preference. To learn more, be sure to read our article on steeping e-liquid for beginners.

Why is my e-liquid turning brown?

Over time, it’s normal for e-liquids to undergo oxidation, causing the nicotine to interact with the flavourings, resulting in a deeper yellow or brown colour. This process, known as steeping, is common and indicates the e-liquid’s age. A colour change, particularly if the e-liquid is within its expiration date, is not a safety concern. In fact, many vapers find that the flavour improves after this colour shift, as the steeping process enhances the depth and richness of the taste.

Is vaping without nicotine safe?

Vaping without nicotine is generally considered to be less harmful than vaping with nicotine, as nicotine is a highly addictive substance with its own health risks. However, it’s important to note that vaping in any form is not completely risk-free. As with any inhalation product, it’s advisable to stay informed about the latest research and health advice. For more information, be sure to check out our guide to the pros and cons of nicotine-free vaping.