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Marina Vapes Eliquid

Banana Milkshake Man- contains the flavourings of Banana, Milk and Cream.

Blueberry Milkshake Man- is a delicious fusion of fresh blueberry with blended ice cream and cold milk! The inhale is a succulent blueberry that is rich with flavor. The exhale is a smooth mixture of the ice cream, and milk mixed to create a creamy blueberry exhale that is soft and fluffy.

Glazed Kronuts- is a delicious combination of a croissant and sweet glazed donut that’s dunked in a cold glass of milk.

Marshmallow Man- is a sweet, fluffy and creamy vape. This vape is a must have for anyone that loves the pure marshmallow flavour. If you’re looking for something that satisfies that sweet tooth of yours, but you don’t want any of the guilt that goes with all of those extra calories, then Marshmallow Man is a definite must try! Overall, this unique flavour is one that you won’t want to put down.

Marshmallow Man 2- is a fluffy, roasted Marshmallow flavour on the inhale, complimented by a sticky, gooey Caramel on the exhale.

Marshmallow Man 3- features the prominent flavours of marshmallows and strawberries.

PBLS Donuts- is the latest creation that infuses fruity cereal flakes and glazed donuts for a flavor that’s out of this world. Upon inhale is a rich, buttery flavor that cascades along your tongue with fruity cereal, and upon exhale is the freshly baked donut you’ve come to love in the Donuts E Liquid. Possibly one of our best sellers to date, the PBLS Donuts E Liquid is one of the best bakery flavors we have ever tried.

Strawberry Donuts- The Donuts E Liquid is the closest thing you can get to vaping a pink frosting sprinkled donut. Each vape you take is a bite of fresh strawberry frosted donuts. Rich with flavors of creme, the inhale is a soft pink frosting, with fruity flavors of strawberry sprinkle while the exhale is robust with a buttery toasted flavor of a fresh donut out of the fryer.

Strawberry Milkshake Man- is an eliquid that is a delicious fusion of fresh strawberries with blended ice cream and milk to make the perfect strawberry milkshake! Straight from the classic American style diner and into your vape, the Milkshake Man E Liquid is your new guilty pleasure! The inhale is light strawberry ice cream that is subtle, but flavorful. The exhale is a nice creamy strawberry topped with classic whipped cream.

Vape Flurry- is a guiltless cookie milkshake treat that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face each time you take a puff. Few things are more enticing than a thick, creamy and rich vanilla milkshake that has been blended with handfuls of chocolate sandwich cookies. Of course, to indulge in this treat would mean consuming loads of calories and sugar. That’s why Marina Vape has given us Vape Flurry.


60ml shortfill

0 mg


Comes with nic shot


Marina Vapes

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