The Big Tasty Eliquid Range 200 mls


The Big Tasty Eliquid Range 200 mls

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The BIG Tasty in a whopping 200mls!


Strawberry Cookies Ice Cream- One scoop or two? Nope! It’s the mixture of perfection. Get baked and tempted!

Blackcurrant Lime- Just the right combination, twisting your tastebuds!

Orange Fantasy- Get that zesty high with this mandarin fantasy!

Chocolate Ice Mint- No time to think! Chocolate is the answer to give you that kick you’re after. Now with chill!

Vanilla Lime- Temptation plus zesty taste of your day. Smooth and fresh through clouds!

Watermelon Candy- You won’t stop vaping with our sweet candy tasting flavour. Excellent taste!

Pineapple Orange- Summer vape or Tropical? Why not both? Get this kickin’ on your taste buds!

Wintermelon- Here a real soft and summer feel, the right sweetness right on your tastebuds.

Apple Lime- Our Sweet and Soury apple lime will win your taste buds over. Its irresistible!

Mango Sour- Who doesn’t love Mango? This is a sour take on a mango classic, its the best sour mango taste ever!





Comes with 2 nic shot



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