Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt 100ml & Juggernaut 150ml

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Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt 100ml & Juggernaut 150ml

Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt Juggernaut e-liquid has been a special request from one of our members. Flavours consisting of Miyako Apricot, Raspberry and Forest Fruits. A triple flavour range combining fruits and creamy yoghurt. As put by Wick Liquor themselves these flavours have been crafted to take you away to the secret island of Miyako. We are not referring to the top London restaurant here by the way! It is an urban area on the right tip of Japan!

Wick Liquor do not do things by half and this is proved by their smash hit e-liquids such as Boulevard, Boulevard Shattered, Deja Voodoo, Contra and of course Contra Shattered.

Let us take a look at the flavour profiles of this monster vape juice brand.

Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt Flavour Profiles

Miyako Apricot

Described as a Yokosuma apricot syrup delicately combed into a creamy yoghurt. Certainly a complex layered vape with tarty apricots layered in between pastry covered in thick, smooth yoghurt.

Miyako Raspberry

A raspberry crush spilt over a creamy yoghurt. The raspberries are sweet and the choux pastry really stands out on this one in addition to right amount of yoghurt. Not too much to make it taste like sawdust and not so little to simply be a raspberry vape juice.

Miyako Forest Fruits

A fresh pot of shadow currant jam layered into velvety yoghurt. You get a full on pastry flavour on the inhale and then left with tangy notes of forest fruits. Not forgetting the ultimate creamy yoghurt.

100ml or 150ml



Come with 2 nic shot

This is ultimately a dessert lovers dream come true. If you are looking for a yoghurt flavoured vape juice that is made with quality, love and care then look no further- the Wick Liquor Kurimu Miyako Range is for you. Albeit other vape juice brands have tried to replicate yoghurt flavoured e-liquids, well we say Wick Liquor got it just right!

These Juggernaut bottles are 200ml short-fill containing 150mls of premium e-liquid. We provide 2 free nicotine shots per bottle to allow you to save some money. If you prefer to upgrade these to nicotine salts this option is also available. We are now also serving the 100ml bottles which is a challenge to find!

VG/PG Ratio


E-Liquid Capacity

100ml, 150ml

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3 reviews for Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt 100ml & Juggernaut 150ml

  1. Scottg19861

    Absolutely outstanding. I have went through every major brand of e liquid looking for that perfect flavour. Finally gave Wick liquor a try and wow the best on the market by far…so flavoursome easy on the coil and all round perfection. 10/10

  2. Morganknowles

    Miyako Forest Fruits Is delicious, spot on with the flavour definitely taste like you’re eating a yoghurt. 9/10

  3. braindeadlamb

    A firm favourite and this is the best price ive found. Under a tenner for a 100ml, most place charge 12-15 for 50ml.

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