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Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm


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Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm

Wotofo introduces Wotofo mesh coils, the next big thing in the coil market. When it’s about the flavour, the mesh coil outperforms the traditional wire coils. The evenly pierced Kanthal A1 metal sheet functions as the coil. The large surface area produces high quality flavour even with lower wattage devices.

Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm

Wotofo Mesh Coils: It’s all about flavour

Mesh coils have changed the perception of flavour production for vapers. The larger surface area offers more contact, finally producing a quality flavour. The Wotofo Mesh Style Coil outperforms other coils when it comes to flavour. The strong Kanthal A1 mesh coil material makes it a distorting resistant coil maintaining proper contact even when the cotton is heavy and fully soaked.

The evenly pierced coil distributes the heat quickly and evenly. Such a coil design diminishes the burn spots you might see on your cotton with other coils. Having a large surface, these rebuildable mesh coils vaporize the e-juice faster and delivers an intense flavour. These RDA coils have a wider surface area compared to the Flow Pro coil head for better flavour delivery.

The coil measures 16mm by 6.8mm and can easily be placed on the Profile RDA or RTA. Wotofo profile mesh coils come with a resistance of 0.18ohm. The coil performs best between the range of 40-60W. Proper use of wick and priming gives the coil better longevity compared to other mesh rda coils. These are perfect mesh coils for the Profile RDA.

The coils are easy to clean and maintain, reducing the chance of spitting. These mesh vape coils don’t make loud popping sounds, but a gentle whoosh sound while operating the device.

Why use Wotofo profile mesh coils?

Top-notch flavour Production
We all know that flavour plays an important role to offer a satisfying vaping experience. Mesh coils do the business for flavour chasing. The large surface distributes heat faster and evenly to vaporize the e-liquid producing an optimum flavour. Keeping the wattage between 45W-55W gives the best production.

Does not give spit back
Spit back is a major problem vapers face when they are using other coils. Wotofo Kanthal A1 mesh coil sheets 10 pack – 0.18 ohm helps you avoid spit back completely. These profile rda mesh coils don’t hold liquid, so there is no chance of popup or spitting.

Faster ramp-up time
The time a coil takes to reach a particular temperature to vaporize the juice is known as ramp-up time. It depends on the coil size, and for the flat perforated surface and Kanthal material, Wotofo profile mesh coils have a fast ramp-up time.

Increased lifespan
As previously mentioned the large coil surface distributes the heat quickly and evenly. Thus, the coil generates a less amount of build-up. It also spits less and lasts longer than average coils. Generally, a mesh coil lasts about 4weeks depending on the use, even on high VG liquids. It is one of the best mesh replacement coils available on the market.


Heats rapidly
Greater contact area to the juice
Break down your juice layer on layer
Solid mesh in a stable structure
Resistant to deformation
High durability in usage
Easy to clean and maintain

It comes with

x10 pcs

These coils are compatible with the Wotofo Profile RDA, Profile Unity RTA & the Profile M RTA



Since their inception in 2012, Wotofo have established themselves as a powerhouse in the vaping game, with their hardware being used by vapers all over the world. Based out of Shenzhen, the Chinese city that is the most well-known when it comes to producing vape hardware, the brand has become highly respected for producing top-level RDAs, RTAs, mods, kits and accessories. However, as is displayed by the way in which their branding is centred around the health and rebirth-related colour green, Wotofo also recognises vaping's potential to better our lives and live a more healthy existence. Along with technical innovation and producing high quality products every time, safety is at the top of Wotofo's priorities. It is at the heart of all research carried out by the organisation, and it remains the leading principle of the company as a whole. With the help of passionate engineers, knowledgeable leaders and friendly salespeople, company founder Sky Zhang has created a brand that is now one of the cornerstones of the vape industry. We certainly see them remaining on the scene for many years to come!

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Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm
Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm


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