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Zeus Juice Nic Salts


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Zeus Juice Nic Salts

We’ve been excited to get our hands on the brand new Zeus Juice Nic Salts ever since we found out they were changing the recipe and adding the new 5mg nicotine option. As long term fans of the Birmingham-based vape manufacturer, we definitely weren’t disappointed – they’ve really outdone themselves with these super-smooth nic salts.

After all the anticipation, we’re excited to bring you the lip-smacking flavours using Zeus Juice’s new and improved recipe and branding. Each delivered in a stunning re-designed 10ml bottle containing 50% VG 50% PG nic salt, these luxurious e-liquids are a must-try.

We stock them in nicotine strengths of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine to ensure that there’s a perfect e-juice for everyone. Try the incredible new Zeus Juice nicotine salts today to enjoy the unbeatable flavours of Black Reloaded, Dimpleberry, Midas, and more.

Zeus Juice Nic Salts Flavours


This nic salt surely has the golden touch. With sweet butterscotch sauce and creamy vanilla custard, this nic salt is a delight to vape.


Juicy strawberries and freshly picked raspberries are married in this mouth-watering nic salt – it’s like summer in a bottle.

Black Reloaded

Updating the classic flavour of Zeus Juice’s much-loved The Black, this new nic salt blends blackcurrant, spicy aniseed, and cooling menthol for a truly refreshing vape.


Combining succulent berries with an icy blast of menthol and eucalyptus, this flavour has been refreshing vapers since its creation in 2014.

Death by Bunny

Picture a bowl vanilla ice cream with swirls of ruby red strawberries – that’s exactly what this nic salts tastes like! It’s creamy, sweet and simply delicious.


The unbeatable flavour of cherries and icy menthol has been boosted with the inclusion of fresh red berries, making this a perfectly balanced e-liquid.


A powerful and mighty mix of sweet raspberry and fresh, tangy lemon, sitting atop a divine tower of cookies.


A little bit raspberry, a little bit blueberry, the inimitable blend comes together to create a smooth but strong flavour combination intertwined with the tanginess of fizzy lemonade.


A mythical combination of dark grapes, strawberries and pure white sherbet that will leave you soaring in the clouds.


Harnessing the warmth of the summer sun, the Helios juice plays the balance between sweet and sour. With its combination of the velvety softness of tangy apricots and the delicious juiciness of perfect peaches, its warm rich blend encapsulates a delectable touch of the tropics.


The Daphne vape evokes the sweet and tart delight of blackberry cheesecake. With a buttery biscuit base filled with cool cream cheese, the rich sweetness is offset with a topping of fresh handpicked blackberries and a drizzle of blackberry coulis.


For the source of flavour, look to the skies. Uplift your senses on a thermal of freshly baked scone, adorned with a nest of juicy blueberries and a gloriously sweet cinnamon, smoothly gliding on to the next inhale.

The Black Ice

All the depth of flavour you expect from The Black… Only now hell has frozen over with a blanket of black ice.


With a nod to the elusive taste of Scotland’s favourite drink, our Nessie vape is an obscure blend that is hard to pin down. With assorted hints from orange and blackberry to tutti-frutti and bubble gum, try our scrumptious Nessie juice and see if you can find the flavour.

Dodoberry Ice

Mouth-watering dark forest berries and refreshing mint dances on your tongue as a cool hit of ice envelops you.

The Animal

The Animal is on the hunt, on the spoor of The Black. The refreshing scent of sweet oranges with the original dark berry and blackcurrant base, laced with a wisp of menthol. Orange is the new Black…


Dark forest berries picked from the garden of Zeus, with a subtle fresh mint that will leave your mouth watering.

Vermilion Reloaded

The essence of life, Vermilion flows within the gods. A reloaded blend of sweet cherries fuelled with potent aniseed and an intense menthol will ignite life into your taste buds and enrapture your soul.

Dimp Reloaded

The eternally worshipped Dimpleberry, reloaded with even more menthol and eucalyptus, combined with a complex medley of berries. Dimpleberry Reloaded is a new exquisite blend to be revered.


The Athene juice makes a sweet summertime statement with its all-day fruity flavour. Exploding with juicy watermelon and freshly picked strawberries, this juice is blended to perfection with tangy lemonade to give it a citrusy kick.


Guarding the gates, Cerberus is a trio of ferociously tasty fruits: blood orange, peach, and cranberries, with a final bite of menthol.


Jump into the depths of the ocean with a refreshing smooth mix of blueberries and raspberries with a menthol hit.

The Black

The original… The most famous of its kind… A delicious blend of dark berries and blackcurrant with a wisp of menthol.


The tantalising Boreas juice brings a tropical taste with a cooling kick. The sweet mango vape is chilled to the max giving refreshingly great flavour that is reminiscent of sipping a soothing mango smoothie with lashings of crushed ice.


Sweet, sugary and simply divine, our Cleo flavour is a heavenly combination of exotic fruits. A luscious assortment of kiwi, passionfruit and guava are blended together to create the most sumptuous of vapes overflowing with summer sensations.


The intricate Pomona flavour embraces the refined flavours of elderflower and apples. Fragrant elderflower is gently blended with a burst of sweet and sharp apple delivering a subtle, sublime sensation that is both delicate and delicious.


Our Cherry Watermelon juice is mouth-wateringly good. Juicy watermelon infused with the delicious depths of summer cherries come together in a sweet candied hit that is full of fresh flavour.


A beautiful berry blend, our Selene vape captures the divine deliciousness of summertime. A clever concoction of cherry, raspberry and blueberry, the fruity and flavoursome inhale tingles on the taste buds with its fresh, tangy sweetness.

Zeus Juice Nic Salts Features

Nicotine salts for smooth throat hit and fast-acting nicotine
TPD-compliant bottles of 10ml e-liquid with childproof seal and tamper-evident cap
Made in the UK
5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strength options
50% PG 50% VG e-liquid

Frequently asked questions

Why did Zeus Juice change their recipe?

According to Zeus Juice, they decided to change the recipe to improve the ingredients and flavour for an even better vape. Having tried the original nic salts as well as these new formulations, we think the new ones are a clear winner.

What device should I use to vape nic salts?

Nicotine salt e-liquids perform well in pod kits and MTL vape kits – browse our selection of vape kits to find the perfect device for you.

Can I buy the Zeus Juice flavours as a shortfill e-liquid?

Legion of Vapers stocks a range of Zeus Juice’s e-liquid shortfills in addition to their nic salts. With classics such as Black Reloaded, Dimpleberry, and Dodoberry, we’ve got all the flavours you need in a delicious nicotine-free shortfill.


Zeus Juice

Zeus Juice e-liquid was established back in early 2011, out of company founder and master mixer Paul Curtis' Birmingham kitchen. Having been frustrated by the lack of bold flavours and all-day vapes available on the market during the time that Curtis was attempting to quit smoking, he tried his hand at creating his own.  Word quickly spread amongst the friends Curtis had shared his flavours with about fantastically unique flavours that he was creating, and by 2014, demand had become so intense that Paul purchased the equipment required to manufacture the juices professionally, moved operations into a dedicated facility, and officially registered the business as Zeus Juice UK Ltd. Despite remaining a family business to this day, the organisation has won multiple industry awards such as Best Brand and Marketing at the Vapouround Awards 2020, opened an apparel line, and has stayed true to its initial mission of helping people make the move from smoking cigarettes to the much healthier alternative that is vaping.  Zeus Juice is driven by a focus on being innovative whilst producing e-liquids of the highest quality, and have truly earned their stripes both in the UK and internationally as a result as a fully-compliant e-liquid manufacturing powerhouse.

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Zeus Juice Nic Salts

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £2.99.

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