Lost Vape

By focusing on ground-breaking technology and combining it with stylish designs Lost Vape have become well known in the vape industry. As producers of high end box mods and vape kits Lost Vape pay attention to delivering vibrant e-liquid flavours and a satisfying vape experience.

We stock a range of Lost Vape products including the Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod and its DNA 250C chipset and TFT colour screen, or the Grus Box Mod which features easy temperature control and the ability to function with the majority of tanks on the market.

Lost Vape also offers a range in pod kits, as the use of pod systems are great for beginner vapers, for example the Ursa Quest Pod Mod Kit is very popular amongst vapers, it features 2 different pod and coil options to provide mesmerizing clouds and delicious e-liquid flavours.

Also available for Lost Vape are an array of replacement coils and pod tanks for a truly customisable vape kit. No matter how good the e-liquid you use a good coil will make all the difference, it is important to ensure that you coil wick is fully saturated to avoid harsh hits when you vape.