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LOST MARY BM600 Disposable Vape Pod

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Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vapes

Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape Pod is the newest release from the magical Elf Bar, the boffins behind the much-loved Elf Bar 600 disposable vapes. They’ve really pulled out all the stops with the new Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 disposables.


These are some of the most visually appealing disposable pods on the market – just look at those colour gradients! And, after careful testing, we’re pleased to report that all the e-liquid flavours are just as amazing as they look. The Lost Mary disposable vapes are available in 12 stunning flavours of nic salt e-liquid, all containing a satisfying 20mg of nicotine. And now we are stocking the newest flavours bringing the total to 34 flavours!

That’s right Lost Mary BM600 have added a further 10 flavours in 2023 bringing the total number of flavours for the Lost Mary BM600 Vape to 34!

Lasting up to 600 puffs and small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, these disposable vapes are perfect for vaping on the go. Their 550mAh internal battery means that they can last most vapers a few days so you can get full enjoyment out of the delectable nic salt flavours.

Don’t wait to get your hands on these stylish little disposables – take advantage of the crazy prices! Some flavours are expiring or expired and this is reflected in the price- please ensure you are happy to proceed with the purchase as we will be unable to refund once dispatched.

Lost Mary BM600 Flavours

Blue Razz Ice

Famous blueberries with a lemonade base sitting on ice for a cool menthol kick on every exhale! EXP 10/23.


Say hello to the sweetest blueberries around in a disposable pod. These blueberries are super fresh – be ready for a flavour explosion from this e-liquid!

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Once again, the most popular flavour in disposables is back in the form of a Lost Mary BM600! Be ready to be satisfied with sweet blueberries, tarty raspberries and a touch of sour.

Cotton Candy Ice

Back to the old school with Cotton Candy Ice. This e-liquid couples candy floss with subtle crystals of ice for a surprisingly refreshing vape.

Double Apple

One type of apple wasn’t enough for Elf Bar. In this Double Apple e-liquid they’ve combined sweet and juicy red apples with sour, tarty green apples to create a mouth-watering medley.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Fleshy kiwis picked by the Elf Man expertly blended with a kick from a passionfruit and sweet guavas create the lip-smacking flavour for this disposable vape.

Marybull Ice

Does this flavour really need an introduction? The energy drink master is back in the house: Marybull Ice is an enchanting combination of succulent fruits with an energy drink base that will energise and delight vapers. EXP 10/23.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a carefully blended pink fruity vape with a lemonade base to create a summer sunshine-ready disposable vape. Pink Lemonade is a fantastic addition to any range, we say.

Strawberry Ice

Fresh, sweet strawberries chopped perfectly sitting on ice providing a balanced vape. The ice is refreshing but not overly sharp – just the way we like it!

Triple Mango

Mango, mango and lastly more mango. Fans of the creamy tropical fruit will be in heaven with this luxurious e-liquid.

Triple Melon

A sublime combination of melons – watermelon, honeydew melon and a hint of cantaloupe come together in this Lost Mary BM600 vape! EXP 10/23.

Watermelon Ice

Juicy watermelons are bouncing out of this vape with a subtle hit of ice. Refreshing and delectable, Watermelon Ice is out of this world.

Watermelon Lemon (New)

The juiciness of watermelons combined with a tangy lemon zing. Be prepared for a journey with this one! EXP 10/23.

Strawberry Kiwi (New)

A fresh picking of British strawberries complimented by tart kiwis. EXP 09/23.

Red Apple Ice (New)

A famous flavour bought to you originally by the Elux masters and now available in the Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape. A beautiful flavour of sweet red apples sitting on a bed of ice. EXP 09/23.

Pineapple Ice (New)

If you are after a tropical blast in this gorgeous sunshine then look nowhere else- this one has been made with you in mind! Sweet pineapples with a subtle blast of ice.

Pink Grapefruit (New)

A stunning combination of sweet and sourness.

Menthol (New)

Menthol fans eat your heart out! Finally a proper menthol flavour in the form of a disposable. Experience the cool and the freshness.

Mad Blue (New)

A sweet blend of raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants! EXP 09/23.

Juice Peach (New)

Welcome to sweet peach heaven! EXP 07/23.

Grape (New)

A fantastic mixture of sweet grapes with a touch of sourness.

Cherry Peach Lemonade (New)

Tarty cherries have been blended perfectly with sweet peaches with a lemonade base. EXP 10/23.

Blue Razz Cherry (New)

The sweetness of blue berries with a touch of tangy cherries. This one is one of the show stoppers in the range! EXP 10/23.

Cherry Ice (New)

It’s simple! A mega blast of cherries with an icy exhale- not too much but just right!

Orange Gummy Bear (New)

Lost Mary BM600 have captured the classic taste of juicy and tangy orange-flavoured gummy bears, creating a sweet and satisfying candy-inspired vape experience.

Blackcurrant Apple (New)

A delicious blend of sweet and tangy ripe apples and rich and juicy blackcurrants, creating a refreshing and fruity vape experience.

Mint Tobacco (New)

Combines the bold taste of tobacco with a cool and refreshing mint flavour, creating a smooth and satisfying twist on traditional tobacco vapes.

VMT (New)

A delicious blend of grape, raspberry, and blackcurrant flavours. This fruity combination creates a sweet and tangy vape experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Bamboo Aloe (New)

A refreshing blend of earthy bamboo and cooling aloe vera. The result is a smooth and invigorating vape experience, perfect for those who enjoy natural, herbal flavours. The bamboo adds sweetness and depth, while the aloe vera provides a calming, rejuvenating sensation.

Cola (New)

The classic taste of your favourite fizzy drink with a bold and sweet blend of cola and a hint of caramel.

Maryjack Kisses (New)

Captures the unique taste of classic aniseed sweets, creating a bold and satisfying vape experience. EXP 04/24.

Pink Senorita (New)

A sweet and tangy blend of juicy oranges and refreshing pink lemonade, creating a bright and balanced citrus vape experience.

Sakura Grape (New)

Lost Mary BM600 have combined the delicate essence of cherry blossom with the juicy sweetness of ripe grapes. The result is a unique and refreshing floral and fruity vape experience.

Triple Berry Ice (New)

A delightful blend of sweet strawberries, tart raspberries, and juicy blueberries. The balanced flavour is perfect for berry lovers or anyone looking for a refreshing fruity vape experience.

Lost Mary BM600 Parameters


66 x 35 x 16mm

Battery Capacity


E-liquid Capacity



Up to 600

Nicotine Strength


Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 Features

34 succulent flavours for you to vape
Nic salts provide a smooth throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption
TPD compliant and rigorously tested for the UK market
Enjoy up to 600 puffs from each disposable e-cigarette
Gorgeous design stands out from other disposables
Great value with our 5 for £22 multi-buy offer

It comes with

x1 LM Disposable Vape Pod


Elf Bar

5 reviews for LOST MARY BM600 Disposable Vape Pod

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  1. Brianna (verified owner)

    The Lost Mary Cherry Ice is undeniably the best cherry ice flavour out there! In hopes of saving some money, I ordered two cherry ice e-liquids, and they just tasted like medicine. This one, however, is perfectly sweet (not too much) with a perfect icy finish!

    I also love the shape and size of the Lost Mary vapes. It fits so comfortably in your hand and in any pocket. The colours are great as well.

    I’ve found my new favourite vape 🙂

    + PROS: Amazing flavour Great price with the bundle deal Super fast delivery
    - CONS: None to think of!
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  2. Brianna (verified owner)

    This is the most accurate cotton candy ice flavour I have tried. Not even sure how they managed that!

    Can’t wait to get more of these.

    Love the Lost Mary vapes!!

    + PROS: Great flavour Good pull and amount of vapour Perfect size and shape of vape
    - CONS: I just wish they sold bottles of their liquid!
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  3. Brianna (verified owner)

    I loved this blue razz cherry flavour! It really just tastes like blue raspberry with a blast of cherry. Nothing too artificial or chemically about the flavour.

    They definitely last the full 600 puffs.

    + PROS: Lovely shape and size Great pull and vapour amount Affordable price!
    - CONS: None :)
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  4. Brianna (verified owner)

    I was a bit hesitant to try the Red Apple Ice due to some negative reviews on other websites, but it did not disappoint! Lost Mary keeps proving itself to be the best disposable I have found!

    It tasted like a sweet red apple with a nice icy finish, just as the label says.

    Lost Mary vapes last a long time and the unique shape is more convenient than the classic stick shape of other vapes.

    + PROS: Affordable Incredible flavours Full 600 puffs before it dies
    - CONS: None!
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  5. vex (verified owner)

    Fantastic flavour, lasts longer than most other similar vapes and always consistent!

    + PROS: Flavour, long lasting
    - CONS: None I can think of!
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    LOST MARY BM600 Disposable Vape Pod
    LOST MARY BM600 Disposable Vape Pod


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