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Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Pod (5 FOR £20)

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Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Pod (5 for £20)

The Dr Frost Bar is one of the latest disposable vape pods to land at the UK’s best online vape store!

As our community will know, we feel strongly about only providing only the best disposable vape kits that are on the vaping scene right now. You may also know about the extent of copycats that there are on the market. However, rest assured, you will not find them here!


Dr Frost, as we all know, is a brand that takes pride in their e-liquid. The Dr Frost e-liquid range as a whole contains some wonderful e-liquid and nicotine salt flavours, and now they are bringing their expertise to the disposable game!

Dr Frost disposable vape pods come in five delicious flavours, which we explore in detail below. Given what we know about the Dr Frost brand, you might be thinking that these disposables will be extremely icy. Fear not! The ice in the Dr Frost Bars is subtle and the brand has achieved just the right level of coolness. Additionally, as we are currently offering 5 bars for £20, you are able to try them all!


Those unfamiliar with disposable e-cigs will be blown away by their convenience. As well as offering a similar sensation to conventional cigarettes by satisfying your nicotine cravings instantly and offering an impressive throat hit, disposable vape pods are incredibly easy to use. They are buttonless, draw-activated, all-in-one devices that you vape just as you would a regular cigarette. They do not require setting up and everything comes ready to go straight out of the box! Unlike regular vape kits, there is no need to recharge these e-cigarettes when they are all out of e-juice – all you will need to do is dispose of them responsibly. It really couldn’t be easier!


Dr Frost Bars are small in size, making them the perfect companion for days out, nights out, or any occasion during which you do not feel like bringing along your full vape kit. They are easily transportable and pocket-friendly, but their small dimensions do not mean that they are not powerful! An internal 500mAh battery provides sufficient power to the device, meaning that the flavour you receive will be as strong on the last inhale as it is on the first. Speaking of duration, these disposable vapes boast a high puff count too! Each Dr Frost Bar contains as many as 575 puffs.


The Dr Frost Bar’s e-liquid capacity is 2ml, 2% of which (or 20mg) is nicotine salt. The device’s e-liquid is of a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, making it perfect for vapers looking to achieve a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape.

Overall, whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, these disposable vapes from Dr Frost are sure to put a smile on your face. Keep up with the latest and greatest disposables and the market and give these a try!

Dr Frost Bar Flavours:

Blue Raspberry Ice

The flavour offered by the Blue Raspberry Ice disposable is delightful – a combination of sweet blue raspberries topped with sugar and a delicate touch of ice. A sweet, cool vape in every sense that you will enjoy every puff of!

Frozen Banana

Frozen Banana tastes like, as the name entails, a remarkable ripe banana kept chilled. Many have tried to achieve this vape flavour, and many have failed. Needless to say, Dr Frost has got it right with this one.

Frozen Lychee

This one has to be our favourite! In Dr Frost’s Frozen Lychee flavour, pure, sweet and delicate lychees have been blended with sugar and a hint of ice. A very moreish vape for sure.

Grape Ice

Grace Ice is a delight for the taste buds! Every puff of this vape juice will taste just like the sweetest, most freshly-picked grapes crushed together with some ice and a sugary syrup. Without a doubt, this is our second favourite in the line up.

Iced Mango (NEW)

Tropical notes of fruity mangoes blended perfectly with just the right amount of ice.

Lush Ice (NEW)

A combination of juicy watermelons blended with ice creating a stunning watermelon disposable vape pod!

Orange Soda (NEW)

A fizzy soda explosion of zesty oranges with a citrusy blend of flavours.

Pineapple Ice (NEW)

A beautiful blend of sweet and tangy pineapples sitting on a bed of ice.

Strawberry Ice Cream (NEW)

To all you strawberry ice cream fans this one was specifically developed for you! Sweet strawberries dancing with luscious whirls of vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon Candy

Calling all watermelon fans, we repeat, calling all watermelon fans! Now this is what we call a watermelon candy disposable vape pod! True to its name, Dr Frost has found the sweetest watermelon and mixed it with some sugar candies, resulting in a vape that is an absolute delight to taste. A fantastic vaping experience guaranteed!


Battery Capacity:

550 mAh

Pod Capacity:

2 ml, filled with 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid

Puff Count:

575 puffs per par

VG/PG Content:

50% VG/50% PG

Comes With

Dr Frost Disposable Vape Kit


Dr Frost

Dr Frost is a highly-esteemed e-juice brand established from Malaysia. By bringing their delicious, ice-cold tropical flavours across the world, they have gained international acclaim and have earned a huge amount of fans and brand advocates both in the UK and beyond. Now, they even have manufacturing facilities here in the UK! So rest assured, when purchasing these e-liquids, you will still be contributing to the furthering of the UK vape scene. The very best in frosty, tropical fruit vaping, Dr Frost vapes offer vape enthusiasts everywhere that ultimate fresh feeling that is held in such high regard. E-juice produced by this Malaysian powerhouse bring all your favourite tropics flavours to the table, including Mango, Watermelon, Blackcurrant and more. Not only are their e-liquids delicate and wonderfully-tasting on the inhale, but they also promise immense vapour production, due to their high VG content. Over the years, Dr Frost have released a number of different product lines. Their 'Frosty Fizz' range of e-liquid shortfills brings together soda-based flavours with their signature icy finish, and their 'Salt Nic' range of nic salts combine their typical, sweet, slush-like fruity flavours with a menthol kick to deliver a hit of nicotine to vapers when they need it most. At this point, you'd be stretched to find a vaper who has not tried, or at the very least heard of Dr Frost e-liquids. Given that they have won a bunch of industry awards, and not to mention the taste of these vape juices, we can certainly see why!

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Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Pod (5 FOR £20)
Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Pod (5 FOR £20)
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