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HorizonTech Falcon Coils



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HorizonTech Falcon Coils

HorizonTech Falcon Coils are designed for usage with the original Falcon Tank, Falcon King and Falcon Resin Artisan Tanks. They are available in various configurations depending on personal preference, all options need to be paired up with high 70%+ VG E-Liquids for best result. There are the HorizonTech Falcon F1 Coil, Falcon F2 Coil, Falcon F3 Coil and Falcon M1 coil available. To add HorizonTech have now released the M Triple and M2 Coils.

The Falcon F1 0.2ohm wood pulp coil is recommended for the wattage 70-90W. The Falcon F2 0.2ohm flax fiber coil is recommended for the wattage 70-90W. The HorizonTech Falcon F3 0.2ohm flax paper coil is best for the wattage 60-80W and the Falcon M1 Mash Coil best for 60-80W. The different kinds of coils bring different flavour and a unique vaping experience. These are sold in 3pcs per pack.

HorizonTech Falcon Coils Features

1. HorizonTech Falcon F1 Coil: 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.2ohm, 80±10W
2. HorizonTech Falcon F2 Coil: Natural flax fiber, 0.2ohm, 80±10W
3. HorizonTech Falcon F3 Coil: Flax fiber + flax paper, 0.2ohm, 70±10W
4. HorizonTech Falcon M1 Coil: Mesh Coil, 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.15±0.03ohm, 70±10W
5. HorizonTech Falcon M2 Coil: Mesh Coil, 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.16±0.03ohm, 70-80w
6. HorizonTech Falcon M-Triple Coil: Mesh Coil, 80-85w


What is the best Falcon Coil?

This really depends on the end user and which type of vaping experience you prefer. Each coil will have its sweet spot for the amount of wattage you can power through the coil without ruining it. We suggest you choose the coil which suits your preferred wattage.

What coils does the Falcon King take?

The Falcon King Tank is the big brother of the falcon and is compatible with these coils. These beast of a tank also take the Falcon King Mesh Replacement Coils which can be found by clicking here.

Why do my coils burn out fast?

This is a question that every vaper asks themselves! The key isn’t whether we are chain vaping or not, the issue here is that the coil itself can be effected by several factors as to why it burns out fast. A most common cause is that the coil has not been fully saturated with eLiquid- we need to allow the cotton to absorb the eLiquid so that it is soaked. We suggest you also drip a few drops on the inside of the coil itself to help it on its way. Another reason for a coil burning out fast is that we are running out of eLiquid in the tank itself and it needs a top up! Remember the coil needs to fully soaked in eLiquid so that we can enjoy our vape! The most leading reason that coils burn out is due to the amount of sweetener present in the eLiquid itself. The sweeter the juice the more likely it will be that your coils will burn out faster.

Package Contents:

1 x 3pcs HorizonTech Falcon Replacement Coil



Specification: HorizonTech Falcon Coils

Coil Type

M1, M2, F1, F2, F3, M-Triple

Weight 0.01 kg

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