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Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod

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Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod

Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod is the latest disposables to hit the market. Everyone knows the quality and flavour that JNP bring to the vaping arena- well these are no different. The flavours have been carefully crafted to ensure they are spot on and not a cheap concentrate blend such as others on the market. LOV will stay true to its purpose and only stock the best disposables and not all! When we first met these lads at Expo we were greeted with their Shock e-liquid range which has been a massive success. Without doubt JNP has put in a lot of effort and planning into releasing something that is a little different from others. We are now pleased to bring to you 15 stunning flavours bound to satisfy any fruity vaper indeed!

Berry Lemonade Ice

The fizzy feeling of lemonade ice is greeted with a bundle of juicy and ripe berries. Certainly a winner in the range no doubt! This isn’t just a summer vape this is an all year round vape. Sweet, tarty and berries in a nutshell.

Blackcurrant Ice

A true blast of blackcurrants sitting on a bed of ice. This bar is both zesty and sweet.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Most likely our favourite in the range. This disposable vape pod brings a whole new meaning to blue raspberry lemonade. On the inhale you get sweet blue raspberries freshly picked from the fields so you still capture all their sweet juices. On the exhale comes the magic where the fizz begins to dance on your tongue.

Blueberry Pomegranate

A flavour that was originally bought to us by Elux has now be reformatted by Juice N Power! Sweet blueberries are made by a slight touch of the acidic sour pomegranate. A hard flavour to get right but the lads have done well here!


Probably the most difficult flavour to get right in the world of e-liquids. This one however is a real treat- a combination of sweet and tarty cherries and the aroma will follow you.


One for the zingy fruity fans out there. A mixture of juicy oranges, sour limes and lemons skilfully put together in a disposable! ALbeit others have tried but JNP has conquered!

Classic Menthol

As its says on the box “Classic.” A big hit amongst the vaping community this is a sharp and clean minty menthol flavour. Overall a refreshing vape.

Creamy Tobacco

If you love your tobacco flavours then look no further. What you get is a creamy and rich tobacco vape with this one.

Energy Ice

Looking to energise those taste buds! Well this is the one for you. A flavour created from the famous energy drink now in a vape- a sensational cooling and tingling after effect!

Green Mango Ice

Feel the fruity explosions of raw and ripe mangoes. In essence you get the bitter green mangoes blended in perfectly with sweet ripe mangoes. A refreshing and fruity blast!


A tropical treat for you all to enjoy. Described as exotic and sweet- definitely one to try for any fruit fan!

Pink Lemonade

Pink fruits smashed together with cold lemonade poured all over. A tangy vape to say the least with sweet undertones.

Sour Apple

Just as if you were biting a green apple. Crispy and sourness are the two words that come to mind when vaping this!  A delicious vape most certainly.

Starfruit Kiwi

Two exotic fruits combined to bring you a sweet and sour vape. On the inhale you get the sweetness from the starfruit and then on the exhale the tricky sourness hits your tongue!

Watermelon Ice

A sweet and fruity disposable. The watermelons are juicy and picked perfectly at the right time to give you sweetness with the added blend of ice. The flavour boffins at LOV like this one! Overall the sweetness and ice work perfectly hand in hand.

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Juice N Power

Juice N Power Vape Juice- The Juice N Power Crew are good friends of Legion of Vapers. Their e-liquid range offers everything from Fruit to Candy and Milkshake flavoured e-liquids. Their Shock Range is fruit flavoured Candy e-liquids that will take you taste buds on a sweet journey, perfect for any sweet tooth. The Fruit range is delicious fruit blends that will satisfy any fruit vapers out there. And last but not least their Milkshake range is perfect form any one that likes a creamy delicious dessert vape! Juice N Power have established themselves as one of the best e-liquid manufacturers in the UK. They pride themselves on premium juices for a cost effective price. JNP have been busy and have now launched Cola Passion Fruit Guava, Middle East Sour Cherry, Strawberry Lemonade and the amazing Fruit Tropical. Buy today from Legion of Vapers!

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Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod
Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod
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