One Hit Wonder Eliquid

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One Hit Wonder Eliquid Range UK

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Army Man

Army Man is the latest recruit to the OHW crew. Layers of sweetened milk, balanced out with subtle notes of tart key lime citrus. Army Man is ready to invade taste buds right around the world.

Island Man

Legend has it, the Island Man rose straight out of an ancient volcano with the sole purpose of spreading the most delightful tropical flavours all over the world. Succulent, sweet, island fruits are infused together to create an invigorating wave of fruit punch.

Mini Muffin Man

The Muffin Man down on Drury Lane has been busy tinkering with his delicious Muffin recipe, with this Mini Muffin Man from One Hit Wonder featuring Strawberries and a hint of Cinnamon.

Muffin Man

This is the flavour that started it all. The original flavour from the range, Muffin Man is a dominant Apple on the inhale followed by sweet, subtle undertones of Cinnamon laced Muffin on the exhale.

My Man

Has been modeled after the Holy Trinity Ice Cream combo that is the Neapolitan. Combining Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate in this tried and tested blend, and balanced perfectly together, the flavours dance on your tongue with each creamy inhale and exhale.

Rocket Man

Is a dollop of lightly tart Greek Yoghurt, mixed with fresh Blueberries and some crunchy, savoury Granola. On the inhale the sweet tartness is subtle but bold all at the same time leading to a fresh and palate-cleansing exhale.

The Man

A silky smooth strawberry inhale with a subtle, sweet and milky exhale with a delicious spoonful of fresh cream.



Comes with 2 nic shotsOne-Hit-Wonder-Vape-Juice-UK

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