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SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils

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SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils UK

We knew that the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils were going to be good, as soon as we saw SMOK refer to them as ‘hyper engines’! These impressive vape coils are specifically designed for use with the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tanks, any any SMOK device that uses these tanks as part of their make up, such as the SMOK A-Priv, the SMOK G Priv Baby, and the Smok X Priv. They use enhanced wicking to deliver a premium vape that promises maximum cloud production and intense flavour on every inhale of your vape. 

With the SMOK TFV12 coils, you can run your device anywhere between 40 to 130 watts, but of course, particular options will work best with specific wattages.

The stainless steel barrels of the SMOK TFV12 coils are so large, that some of them feature as many as 12 individual wicking ports, so it’s no wonder that they are capable of delivering such a flavoursome vape!

These coils have been designed with those who sub-ohm vape in mind, and as such, they work best with e-liquids that are categorically high-VG – those that contain over 70% VG content.

With such a wide range of resistances available, there is sure to be an option that is able to meet the needs of every type of vape user.

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V12 Prince Dual Mesh Coil

The SMOK V12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils feature a large heating area that results in a faster heating speed. The result? Big clouds and intense flavour from your e-liquid! With their resistance of 0.2 ohms, they are perfect for sub-ohm vaping. They are suitable at a power range of 50W-80W, but to get optimum results, use them anywhere between 65-75W.

V12 Prince Max Mesh Coil

The SMOK V12 Prince Max Mesh Coil are capable of bringing huge amounts of power to your vape device! With their 0.17 ohm resistance, when used with a sub-ohm tank, you are sure to blow gigantic clouds. They work at a power range anywhere between 70W and 130W, but using your e-cigarette to a wattage of 100 to 120 works best with these.

V12 Prince Mesh

Due to their mesh construction, the Smok V12 Prince Mesh coils are capable of outputting much more power than that of a traditional coil. This is largely due to the wider heating area of the mesh, which is more effective at evenly heating and absorbing e-liquid. When these elements combine, they lead to strong power and huge vapour production. And don’t forget, mesh coils have longer life spans! With a resistance of 0.15 ohms, sub-ohm vapers are sure to enjoy these coils. They have a suitable power range of 40W-80W, but the power range that works best is 60-70W.

V12 Prince Strip

The Smok V12 Prince Strip coil’s heating wire can handle higher power levels than the majority of other coils as it is made from kanthal. The heating membrane unit offers greater surface absorption due to its porous structure, meaning that eliquid can be absorbed quicker. The result of these innovative features is vapour production unlike any other. They have a resistance of 0.15 ohms and they can be used at a wattage between 40 and 100, but the power range that is most suitable for them is between 70-80W.

V12 Prince Triple Mesh

The SMOK Prince Triple Mesh coils offer truly intense power and the possibility of blowing huge clouds. Their resistance is 0.15 ohms and they have a power range of 80-130W, but you will get the best use out of them by running them at anywhere between 100 and 120W.

V12 Prince Q4

The SMOK Prince Q4 coils are capable of delivering a ridiculous amount of flavour. They do this by featuring 12 individual wicking ports for continuous coil saturation, being packed with organic cotton and by being equipped with a quadruple ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core. Their resistance is 0.4 ohms, they have a power range of 40 to 100 watts, but they are best run between 60 to 80.

V12 Prince X6

The SMOK V12 Prince X6 replacement coils, much like the Prince Q4, feature 12 wicking ports for high-volume e juice delivery. However, instead of a quadruple, they feature a sextuple ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core. They are also wicked with organic cotton for smooth flavour, which is capable of generating colossal clouds and luscious flavour. Their power range is between 50 to 120 watts, but they work best between 80 to 100 W.

V12 Prince T10

The SMOK V12 Prince T10 replacement coils have a resistance of 0.15 ohms and a power range of between 60 to 120 watts, but for the most balanced performance, we recommend using them between 80 to 110 watts. They feature elongated wicking ports for optimum e-liquid delivery to a decuple ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core. Organic cotton wicks are included for flavour purity. The cloud volume offered by the T10’s are the top of the Prince range!

V12 Prince M4

The SMOK V12 Prince M4 have a resistance of 0.17 ohms and they are the most appropriate coil option for mechanical mods. They feature 12 wicking ports for superior e juice delivery, a quadruple mechanical mod coil core and organic cotton wicks. Their power range is 30 to 70 watts, but anywhere between 40 and 60 will deliver the best balance of vapour production and flavour.

V12 Prince X2

The SMOK V12 Prince X2 is a Clapton stainless steel coil head with a resistance of 0.4 ohms. This is an extremely durable coil that is capable of producing massive amounts of vapour! Its power range is between 40 and 80 watts, but 60-70 will work best to get the best results on flavour.

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SMOK TFV12 Prince V12 replacement coils (pack of 3)

Specification: SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils

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Strip, Prince Dual Mesh, Prince Max Mesh, X2, Prince Triple Mesh, M4, Q4, X6, T10, Mesh

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As part of Shenzen IVPS Technology Co Ltd, Smok was founded in 2010 and quickly rose to be their leading brand. Innovators in their field, Smok have become experts in vape kit research, taking the time to pay close attention to the development and production of each of their vape products. Continuing to make waves in the industry even today, Smok have delivered vape enjoyment to over 80 million customers worldwide making them a world-renowned brand and a benchmark in the electronic cigarette industry. By providing vaping technology for vapers at all levels Smok are inclusive of all and they pride themselves on providing an excellent level of service and customer satisfaction. The Smok brand goal is to provide their customers with a trustworthy alternative to smoking and to build that trust by providing reliable, high quality, products, and a healthy alternative to cigarettes.

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  1. RichardH (verified owner)

    One of the best in the range. Great flavour, long lasting and, if it’s your thing, great clouds too.
    Just be prepared to use more juice. Still, with the regular LOV offers, that shouldn’t be a problem!

    + PROS: Flavour, longevity (couple of weeks or so) & clouds
    - CONS: Uses juice fast
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    SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils
    SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Coils


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