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InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape


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InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape

InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape is the latest 600 puff disposable vape to hit the UK market. We have made a conscious effort to ensure that we do not stock every single disposable release available and are committed to bringing you the best there is out there!

InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape is certainly something special not just because of the way it feels in the hand but also the flavour this compact device produces!

Its rubber/silicone wrap around really allows it to be held perfectly and the rubber mouthpiece, which is a continuation of the design certainly feels like a premium product. These sleek, ergonomic devices fit perfectly in the palm of your hand with a unique soft-touch silicone wrap and come in 10 luscious flavours, including popular fruit and beverage blends. Plus, they come with built-in mesh coils for denser, more flavourful vapour!

Ideal for on-the-go vaping, you simply unbox the Instabar Air 600 Disposable Vape and inhale on the device to activate the auto draw function. There are no buttons or maintenance to fuss over, and if you’ve no previous vaping experience the InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape is an excellent place to start.

These is the same manufacturer who bought us the InstaBar 5000 Puff 0mg which has been a smash hit.

We say give these little treats a go and you shall be impressed with the vaping experience. Let’s dive right into the flavour profiles of the new disposable vape to arrive at LOV.

InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape Flavours

Blueberry Fusion

This is like taking a walk in a chilly forest ripe with sweet blueberries. The blend finishes with a cool wave of Ice, making each draw a refreshing experience.

Blueberry Raspberry

A delightful fusion of plump blueberries and tart raspberries. The flavours are enlivened by a cool hint of Ice, resulting in a fresh, vibrant vape.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemonade

This instaBar shall delight your palate with a juicy blend of sweet blueberries, tart raspberries and tangy lemonade. A subtle touch of Ice makes the finish as refreshing as a cool breeze.

Lemon Lime

A zesty dance of bold lemon and tangy lime flavours. The experience is rounded off by a crisp Ice finish that will make you think of a refreshing sorbet.

Peach Mango Guava

This beauty transports you to a tropical paradise with its luscious blend of peach, mango, and guava. An undercurrent of ice adds a refreshing dimension to this sunny delight.

Pink Lemonade

Brings to life the classic refreshing drink with a twist of mixed berries. A gentle swirl of Ice enhances the tangy lemonade for a perfect chilled vape.

Red Apple Ice

Offers the taste of a crisp, freshly picked apple straight from the orchard. A kiss of Ice complements the fruitiness for a refreshingly crisp finish. In fact, this was the first one we tried and it is absolutely yummy!

Strawberry Ice

The essence of summer with sun-ripened strawberries. The sweet berry notes are complemented by a light touch of ice, making every puff a cool, fruity delight.

Watermelon Smash

A thirst-quenching delight, packed with the taste of fresh Watermelon. The crisp flavour is accentuated by a cooling wave of Ice that leaves a fresh, summery aftertaste.

Yummy Bear

This disposable recreates the taste of your favourite childhood treat, gummy bear. Each puff is a nostalgic trip to simpler times, with a sweet, candy-like flavour that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

The unique blend of the ripe Blueberry, the juicy cherry, and the tart cranberry creates a delightful dance of flavours on the palate, accentuated by a cool Ice undertone.

Blueberry Pomegranate

An exquisite fusion of flavours. Savour the delicately sweet blueberry intertwining with the robust tang of pomegranate, all underscored by a refreshing hint of Ice that leaves a lasting impression.

Blueberry Bubblegum

The sweet and tangy blueberry merges effortlessly with the playful nostalgia of bubble gum.

Cherry Cola

Back to the classic taste of childhood refreshment. It seamlessly blends the fizzy and distinctive taste of cola with the sweet intensity of a ripe cherry, all set against a refreshing backdrop of cool Ice. It’s a trip down memory lane with every puff.

Cherry Ice

This disposable captures the taste of succulent cherry flavour, amplified by the invigorating touch of Ice. It’s a perfect balance that leaves a lasting, satisfying coolness in your mouth.

Mango Punch

A journey into the tropics in a single puff. Bask in the sun-ripened sweetness of the exotic mango that is accentuated by a cool ice undertone, encapsulating the essence of a balmy tropical breeze.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

It is combination that mixes succulent strawberries with a crisp watermelon vape juice flavor with a bubblegum base.


InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape Promo

InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape Features

Disposable Vape Bar
Ready to vape straight out of the box
Up to 600 puffs per bar
Unique soft-touch silicone shell
Built-in mesh coil for extra flavour
LED Battery life indicator
20mg (2%) Nicotine Salt strength
2ml of E-Liquid



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InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape
InstaBar Air 600 Disposable Vape

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £3.99.

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