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Nexus Nic Salts by Pod Salt


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Nexus Nic Salts by Pod Salt

Nexus Nic Salts are a range of fruit themed nicotine salt E-liquids. Nexus is the next-generation of nic salts from Podsalt, made using the latest technology in nicotine salts. These e-liquids offer molecularly engineered salts, providing the most advanced and accurate flavours yet. Give these a go just once and feel the fruity flavours jump around on your palette.

Nexus Nic Salts will not disappoint- purely for flavour chasers!

Nexus Nic Salts have now been released 6 new flavours and renamed 4 of the old flavours to make it easier to understand the combination of flavours. As we are holding both stock these will be sent our randomly but are the same composition of nicotine salt.

Nexus Nic Salts have released even more flavours and changed up the packaging to reflect the disposable style longer and thinner boxes. Please note that the product is entirely the same is is the packaging that has changed. Hence, vape away without any reservations!

Looking for something similar to Nexus Nic Salts but to use with your sub ohm tanks? Then take a look at the Pod Salt Nexus E-liquid 100ml Shortfills.


Nexus Nic Salts Flavours

Citrus Mix (Lime Raspberry Grapefruit)

An exquisite hybrid of grapefruit and raspberries on the inhale, complemented by a perfect citrus explosion bitter yet sweet on the exhale, perfect for a citrusy all day vape.

Coco Sun (Sweet Tangerine Coconut)

A pure blend of well balanced sweet citrusy tangerine on the inhale, followed by a creamy tropical coconut on the exhale, creating a creamy tropical citrus vape.

Fuji Blend (Fuji Apple Peach)

A crazy blend of handpicked, crisp Fuji apples on inhale, complemented by sweet Japanese Peaches one the exhale for a sweet and juicy fruit feast.

Pro Green (White Grape Cucumber)

A blend of fresh white grapes and juicy apples on the inhale, followed by a refreshing crispy cucumber on the exhale, it’s a clean and smooth all day vape.

Super Loe

A fruity fusion of Pomegranate and tropical Acai berry on the inhale, followed by a smooth Aloe Vera on the exhale.

Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi (NEW)

Treat the senses with this light and summery Nexus of sunshine-favourite fruits. Enjoy juicy watermelon notes with the sweetest British strawberries, complimented with delicately sweet kiwi slices.

Blueberry Blackberry Lemonade (NEW)

This berry-delightful Nexus of flavours combines the juiciest notes of the best hand-picked berries. Tangy blackcurrant flavours are highlighted with delicate blueberries and zingy lemonade for a refreshing finish.

Mango Strawberry Peach (NEW)

Delight the taste buds with a fruity Nexus of fresh mango, juicy British strawberries and succulent peach notes. Fragrant and sweet.

Pineapple Passion Lime (NEW)

A passionately tropical vape with a Nexus of fruity flavours. Taste juicy pineapple alongside the citrus notes of passion fruit, topped with tangy lime slices.

Rainbow (NEW)

Step into the rainbow and taste the full spectrum of sweet tastes inspired by popular candy. A tantalising Nexus of sweet and tangy with fruity notes.

Sour Blue Raspberry (NEW)

This candy inspired Nexus of tastes delivers all things sweet and sour. A ripe blend of sweet and sour raspberries for a zingy delight with each puff.

Blue Razz Cherry Blast

Blast the tastebuds with a Nexus of sweet, sour and tart flavours that create a rich adventure with every puff. Blending sweet blue raspberry with a hint of cherry sourness, blasted with ice to finish.

Grape Berry Burst

Bursting with sweetness, fresh from the vine and berry bushes, lose yourself in the Nexus of cool fruity flavours. Combining juicy grapes bursting with sweetness, and fragrant strawberries finished with an icy chill.

Berry Lemon Ice

Nature’s finest come together in this citrus, berry Nexus that tantalises with sweet, zingy, and refreshing waves. We’ve combined fresh lemons with fragrant sweet raspberries, dashed with an icy breeze.

Fresh Raspberry Mojito

Utterly classic with a delicately sweet twists, this Nexus of minty goodness is heightened by fruit. Sweet raspberries swirl together in a mint and citrus nirvana that’s refreshingly cool.

Lemon Lime Sorbet

A citrus Nexus of flavours kept chillingly cool like a tasty, chilled dessert. Combining sweet and zingy lemon and lime with a cool ice finish. Completely refreshing and light.

Mango Strawberry Peach

Delight the taste buds with a fruity Nexus of fresh mango, juicy British strawberries and succulent peach notes. Fragrant and sweet.

Orange Mango Lime

Fun and fruity this Nexus of flavours combines sweet and zingy citrus with a mellow finish to keep you vaping all day long. Experience zesty lime and juicy orange alongside deliciously sweet mango for a proper fruit punch.

Pear Apple Raspberry

Taste the Nexus of classic British straight from the garden. Packed with classic fruit tastes from mellow pears to crisp apples and juicy sweet raspberries. Fresh and fruity with a hint of tartness.

Strawberry Banana Rhubarb

A nostalgic taste reinvigorated by a classic fruit for a truly British treat. Combining creamy banana with tart rhubarb, blended with juicy strawberries for a Nexus of sweet, sour and creamy delights.

Sweet Strawberry Lemonade

Bubbly, fruity flavours combine to create a Nexus of sweet and refreshing tastes. We’ve combined sweet and juicy strawberries with zingy lemonade for a cool vape. Light, sweet and zesty.

White Gummy Bear

Delightfully nostalgic and bursting with flavour. A candy-inspired nexus with tangy sweet pineapple surrounded by sugary goodness. Sweet and refreshing vape with a tart edge.

Triple Raspberry Ice (NEW)

A flavour that charges your next vaping adventure with intensely sweet and floral raspberry notes and a dash of ice to cool down the senses. Certainly a Nexus Nic Salts flavour that will have you coming back for more.

Red Gummy Bear (NEW)

A fusion of various berries, lusciously sweet cherries, and a cheeky gummy twist for a decadently sweet flavour your tastebuds can indulge in.

Pink Purple Lemonade (NEW)

This one excites your tastebuds with the sweet and tangy taste of freshly squeezed lemonade blessed with vibrant tart notes from a variety of dark berries.

Lemon Lime Cola (NEW)

A tangly sweet infusion of citrusy limes and zesty lemons sparkled with the timeless taste of an ice-cold Cola to complement the aftertaste.

Berry Lime Ice (NEW)

Delivers a vibrant flavour infusing a variety of succulent berries with a zing of citrusy lime and a refreshingly icy kick on the exhale. Nexus Nic Salts delivers once again!

Nexus Nic Salts Parameters

10ml Nic Salt
50% VG | 50% PG
Nicotine Strength of 5mg | 10mg | 20mg
Designed For MTL Vaping and Pod Kits
Childproof Cap
Tamper Evident
Made in the UK

Nexus Nic Salts Promo


Pod Salt

Pod Salt is a dedicated nicotine salt brand. The award-winning, British-made E-liquid collection provides the smoothest and most refreshing vaping experience that hits the spot. Pod Salt’s premium nicotine salt formula is absorbed faster, lasts longer and produces a greater level of satisfaction than traditional E-liquids. From authentic Core flavours to signature Fusions blends, we are committed to helping more smokers make the switch from tobacco by providing the best possible alternative. The advanced Nicotine Salt formula is designed to provide an exceptionally smooth vaping experience at high nicotine strengths. Naturally found in tobacco leaves, salicylate lowers the pH of nicotine, reducing irritation on the throat and providing enhanced nicotine delivery. The formula is engineered for low vapour production, bringing an element of stealth and discretion to your vaping. The award-winning, British-made E-liquid collection provides the smoothest and most refreshing vaping experience that hits the spot. The Pod Salt Core range offers a premium selection of classic and refreshing flavours. The Fusions range brings you the world’s biggest brands, blending their signature flavours with our award-winning Nicotine Salt

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Nexus Nic Salts by Pod Salt

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £2.99.

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