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Elux Disposable Vapes vs Geek Bars

There are few disposable vape manufacturers more popular than Elux and GeekVape. Both based in the vape manufacturing world capital of Shenzhen, China, these are two of the foremost vape brands worldwide.

Founded in 2015, GeekVape have become a beloved brand thanks to their vape hardware such as the fan favourite Aegis and Obelisk ranges as well as their colourful range of disposable Geek Bars.

Elux, on the other hand, specialises in disposable vape kits with an immense range of flavours and models on offer. This China-based brand has made a name for itself on the vaping scene without producing any hardware other than disposables — a real achievement!

But which is better: Elux or Geek Bar? Which brand’s disposables offer the best flavours, range, and vaping experience, and which ones should every vaper try?

Continue reading to find out how the two brands compare.

Geek Bars

Geekvape Geek Bar Disposable Vape Kit - Many Flavours

Let’s start by looking at Geek Bars. Unlike Elux, which offers a long list of different disposable vape ranges, GeekVape have chosen to create one disposable vape model with a consistent and recognisable appearance.


First of all, the Geek Bars have a 500mAh battery which provides up to 575 puffs of delicious vapour. They are pre-filled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid in a wide range of flavours and contain 20mg nicotine, a relatively high nicotine concentration.


Geek Bars have a simple and attractive appearance: clean, bold colours embossed with the word ‘Geek Bar’ along the side. A metallic mouthpiece and an ergonomic shape make them pleasant and easy to vape, while the draw-activated, button-free nature of the vape means that there are no superfluous buttons or details. As a result, the appearance of the Geek Bar is simple, and effective.


Here’s the interesting bit. Geek Bars are available in a wide range of flavours, meaning that there’s a flavour for every vaper. Stand-out nic salt flavours include Peach Ice, a sweet, fruity and refreshing vape with a cooling menthol breeze on the exhale. Another winner is Sour Apple, which provides a perfectly balanced sweet and sour blend that is reminiscent of childhood candy. Blue Razz Lemonade is a classic, containing sweet and tangy freshly picked blueberries and a tingly lemonade twist. Or, if you’re not a fan of a super-sweet vape, Geek Bar offers a Tobacco flavour that is favoured by vapers who enjoy an e-liquid that is bold, full-bodied, and complex.

Other stand-out flavours available from Geek Bar include:

  • Watermelon Ice
  • Menthol
  • Grape
  • Lemon Tart

Want to try different Geek Bar flavours? Check out their collaboration with e-liquid extraordinaires, Dr Vapes. The Dr Vapes Geek Bars are available in four stunning e-liquid varieties from the famous Panther e-liquid range: Black, Blue, Pink, and Pink Ice. This collaboration is a match made in heaven, in our opinion.


Just £4.95 for a Geek Bar or £3.99 for a Dr Vapes Geek Bar — a real steal!


So, how good are Geek Bars to vape? Well, there’s a reason that many vapers swear that Geek Bars are superior to Elf Bars and other disposable vapes. Geek Bars provide an awesome vaping experience, offering up to 575 puffs of pure joy (and vapour).

They’re also pretty durable for a disposable vape and are unlikely to leak or break, even if you accidentally drop one. We find that these last us a good amount of time before the battery and e-liquid run out. Geek Bars are, needless to say, one of our favourite disposable vapes on the market.


Single Elux Bar disposable vape in Cotton Candy flavour

Now, let’s take a look at their competitor: Elux. Specialising in disposable vapes, Elux have created a variety of different ranges from the Elux Bar 600 disposable, a classic-looking disposable vape, to the unique-looking Flow 600 disposable.


The different Elux disposable vape ranges feature a 500mAh or 550mAh internal battery which can provide around 600 puffs, just slightly more than a Geek Bar. Each contains 2ml of high quality nic salt e-liquid with a nicotine level of 20mg for a satisfying hit.


With so many different editions available, we need to look at the different Elux vapes separately.

The Elux 600 is your traditional disposable vape: small, colourful, and pocket-friendly. The design and materials don’t look as high quality as the Geek Bars or other Elux ranges, but the colours are bold and indicate the e-liquid flavour effectively.

Elux Pro 600 vapes have a more interesting and boxy silhouette that is more eye-catching than the original.

The Elux Legend Mini adopts a similar appearance with pleasant gradients and a smooth streamlined design.

Elux Slush Puff vapes have an edgier, more eye-catching look with their two-tone mouthpiece and gradient colours. These will stand out in any vaper’s collection.

Elux Flow 600 adopts a textured round body, providing better grip and a more distinctive silhouette. We love the elegant drip tip design on this e-cig.

Less is more with the Elux Koko, a pod-shaped block colour disposable. We know not every vaper likes this style of vape, but we think it works nicely with the bold bright colours.

And finally, the Elux Drip Mini provides a memorable pod-style silhouette with a sleek mouthpiece and curved lines.


With so many different ranges of disposable e-cigarettes available, do Elux have a greater range of flavours? It certainly seems so. From fruity to dessert to tobacco and menthol, Elux has a wide range of flavours that ensure there’s something every vaper will fall in love with.

The Elux Legend and Elux Legend Mini have the best variety of flavours, including Tiger Blood, Unicorn Shake, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, and even Vimto. Berry Lemonade, Mr Blue, and Fresh Mint are other e-liquid flavours that stand out from their Elf Bar 600 range.

We also love that they have specific flavour ranges for the different models, such as the Slush Puff range which features only slushie-inspired flavours. Including refreshing beverage themed e-liquids such as Mango Slush and Cotton Candy Slush, this is certainly one to try.


The price varies from £3.99 to £4.99 — a great bargain.


We love vaping these disposable vapes from Elux. Lasting around 600 puffs and providing amazing e-liquid flavours and impressive battery life all day long, they’re a great choice for any vaper. They’re pretty resistant to drops and knocks and are unlikely to start leaking in your pocket. Plus, the 20mg nicotine e-liquid provides a super satisfying and smooth nicotine rush that any ex-smoker will love.


So, what’s best: Geek Bar or Elux?

Honestly, it’s hard to say.

Geek Bar are perhaps more popular in the world of disposable vaping, but Elux vapes provide a superior flavour range and last slightly longer. Similarly priced and both available on great multi-buy offers from Legion of Vapers, it’s a very close call.

Fortunately, here at LOV, we stock both so there’s no need to choose one or the other. We have a huge selection of disposable vapes from Geek Bar, Elux, and even other vaping brands such as Elf Bar, DotMod, or SKE Crystal.

So, why not add a couple of different disposable vapes to your basket and try them today?

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