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Smok TFV12 Tank Coils

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SMOK TFV12 Tank Coils

Smok TFV12 Coils UK Cheap

3 SMOK V12-Q4 Features
0.15 Ohm replaceable V12-Q4 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Quadruple coil design
4 individual stacked coils
Slotted diagonal wicking holes
Designed for colossal cloud production
Delicious flavour with a silk- smooth vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks

3 SMOK V12-X4 Features
0.15 Ohm replaceable V12-X4 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Quadruple, 2 x 2 coil design
2 x double stacked coils
4 x elongated rectangular wicking holes
Designed for colossal cloud production
Delivers a burst of intense flavour
Turbo chamber features high purity Japanese cotton

3 SMOK V12-T6 Features
0.16 Ohm replaceable V12-T6 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 90 to 320 Watts – Sweet spot 120 to 180 Watts
Sextuple coil design
6 individual stacked coils
Designed for mega-cloud production
Deep flavour with a warm to hot vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks

3 SMOK V12-T8 Features
0.16 Ohm replaceable V12-T8 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 70 to 320 Watts – Sweet spot 120 to 200 Watts
Octuple coil design
4 x double stacked coils
Designed with wider airflow for bigger clouds
Deep flavour with an airy draw
Organic Japanese cotton wicks

3SMOK V12-T12 Features
0.12 Ohm replaceable V12-T12 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 60 to 350 Watts – Sweet spot 130 to 200 Watts
Duodenary coil design
6 double stacked coils
Like the chamber of a revolver – but for vaping!
Designed for extreme cloud chasing
Organic Japanese cotton wicks

Specification: Smok TFV12 Tank Coils

Coil Type

T8, Q4, T12, T6, X4

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As part of Shenzen IVPS Technology Co Ltd, Smok was founded in 2010 and quickly rose to be their leading brand. Innovators in their field, Smok have become experts in vape kit research, taking the time to pay close attention to the development and production of each of their vape products. Continuing to make waves in the industry even today, Smok have delivered vape enjoyment to over 80 million customers worldwide making them a world-renowned brand and a benchmark in the electronic cigarette industry. By providing vaping technology for vapers at all levels Smok are inclusive of all and they pride themselves on providing an excellent level of service and customer satisfaction. The Smok brand goal is to provide their customers with a trustworthy alternative to smoking and to build that trust by providing reliable, high quality, products, and a healthy alternative to cigarettes.

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