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SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil 3pcs


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SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil 3pcs

SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil are compatible with the TFV18 Mini Tank, SMOK G Priv 4 Kit, Fortis Kit and the R Kiss 2 Kit. Available in three different coil type resistances the TFV18 Mini Meshed Coils will satisfy most vapers. These options include the 0.2ohm meshed FeCrAl coil, the 0.33ohm meshed FeCrAl coil and the 0.15ohm dual meshed FeCrAl coil.



Mesh design for faster heating and flavour

Resistances available and best wattage guideline:

0.2ohm meshed FeCrAl coil (40-80W, best 60W)
0.33ohm meshed FeCrAl coil (80-140W, best 100-110W)
0.15ohm dual meshed FeCrAl coil (80-110W, best 90W)


It comes with

x3 pcs per pack

Frequently Asked Questions?

How long do the TFV18 Mini Coils last?

Generally speaking these are pretty descent coils. However, coil life does depend on many factors when it comes to longevity. This includes but not limited to how long you puff for (draw air into the coil in one consecutive moment), the e-liquid you use (sweeter e-liquids tend to kill coils quicker than fruity e-liquids) and the wattage you use your coil at (higher wattage vaping will decrease the coil life compared to lower wattage).

How can I get the most life out of the TFV18 Mini Coils?

The best way to get the most out of any coils is to follow some simple steps. Priming the coil itself is important- allow the e-liquid to saturate the coil for at least 15 minutes. This allows for the coil to be covered in e-liquid so that you do not get any dry hits and furthermore prolong the coils life span.

Using the right ratio of e-liquid is also important. For e.g. higher wattage coils are to be used best with higher VG concentration e-liquids.

Thirdly, we would suggest not to go over the stated wattage limit for each coil resistance. Therefore, if a coils wattage limit is 80w try not to go over this. What SMOK have been great at is producing high wattage coils that can be pushed slightly more than they say. Try to experiment to see what works best for you.

Lastly, but equally important, don’t let your tank run out of e-liquid. Ideally you want the cotton soaked in e-liquid all the time. Running the tank down to it’s last drop will begin to burn the cotton inside. This results in awful flavour and that dreaded dry hit!

Specification: SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil 3pcs

Coil Type

Dual 0.15, Meshed 0.33, 0.20



As part of Shenzen IVPS Technology Co Ltd, Smok was founded in 2010 and quickly rose to be their leading brand. Innovators in their field, Smok have become experts in vape kit research, taking the time to pay close attention to the development and production of each of their vape products. Continuing to make waves in the industry even today, Smok have delivered vape enjoyment to over 80 million customers worldwide making them a world-renowned brand and a benchmark in the electronic cigarette industry. By providing vaping technology for vapers at all levels Smok are inclusive of all and they pride themselves on providing an excellent level of service and customer satisfaction. The Smok brand goal is to provide their customers with a trustworthy alternative to smoking and to build that trust by providing reliable, high quality, products, and a healthy alternative to cigarettes.

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SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil 3pcs
SMOK TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil 3pcs

Original price was: £12.99.Current price is: £9.99.

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