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Vandy Vape Build Wires


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Vandy Vape Build Wires

Vandy Vape Build Wires are known for the quality and superiority over other competitors. What makes these wires special is that they are easy to work with and are clean. You will notice once you pulse them how even the spread of the glow is! A real treat for any DIY vaper.

High Quality resistance wire from Vandy Vape- LOV stocks a wide range of the best selection one can have. You can also see our latest stock of other wires by clicking here.

Vandy Vape Build Wire Types

Clapton Ni80- 24ga + 35ga 10ft
Flat Clapton Kanthal A1- 26ga * 18ga + 32ga 10ft
Fused Clapton Kanthal A1- 26ga * 2 (=) + 32ga 10ft
Fused Clapton Ni80- 26ga * 2 (=) + 35ga 10ft
Juggernaut Kanthal A1- (28ga+37ga) * 2 + 24ga * 37ga 10ft
Kanthal A1- 26ga 30ft
Kanthal A1- 28ga 30ft
Mesh Wire KA1- 80mesh 5ft
Mesh Wire Ni80- 100mesh 5ft
Mesh Wire SS316L- 150mesh 5ft
Mesh Wire SS316L- 200mesh 5ft
Mesh Wire SS316L- 300mesh 5ft
Mesh Wire SS316L- 400mesh 5ft
Ni80- 40ga 100ft
Ni80- 26ga 30ft
SS Clapton SS316L- 26ga * 30ga 10ft
SS Fused Clapton SS316L- 26ga * 2 (=) +30ga 10ft
SS Fused Clapton SS316L- 24ga * 2 (=) +30ga 10ft
SS Juggernaut SS316L- (28ga+37ga) * 2 + 24ga * 37ga 10ft
Superfine MTL Fused Clapton SS316L- 30ga x 2 (=) +38ga
Superfine MTL Fused Clapton Ni80- 30ga x 2 (=) +38ga
Superfine MTL Fused Clapton Ni80- 32ga*2 (=) +38ga
SS316L- 26ga
SS316L- 28ga


Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape is loved by experienced vape experts and new converts alike. Prioritising effective design, classic aesthetics, and top notch flavours, their products provide a fantastic vape experience.

Specification: Vandy Vape Build Wires

Coil Type

Fused Clapton Kanthal A1, SS Fused Clapton SS316L, SS Jugernaut SS316L, Fused Clapton Wire Ni80, Clapton Ni80, Juggernaut Kanthal A1, SS Clapton SS316L, Mesh Wire KA1, Kanthal A1, Flat Clapton Kanthal A1, Superfine MTL Fused Clapton SS316L, Mesh Wire Ni80, Ni80, SS Fused Clapton 24ga*2, Superfine MTL Fused Clapton Ni80 30ga x 2 (=) +38ga, Kanthal A1 28ga, Triple Fused Clapton Ni80 28ga*3, SS316L 26ga, SS316L 28ga, Superfine MTL Fused Clapton Ni80- 32ga*2 (=) +38ga, Kanthal A1 26ga, Mesh Wire 80mesh, Mesh Wire 150mesh, Mesh Wire 200mesh, Mesh Wire 300mesh, Ni80- 26ga, Mesh Wire 400mesh

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Vandy Vape Build Wires


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