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The Best Squonk Mods

The Best Squonk Mods

If you’re looking for a superior vaping experience or just want to try something new, squonking is a great option.

Here at Legion of Vapers, we stock many of the best squonk mods on the market. If you’re interested in squonking, read on to learn more about how squonk mods work and which ones to buy.

What is a Squonk Mod?

The term “squonking” has entered the lexicon of the vaping industry. It is understandable that many are confused by the term.

The word “squonk” was used to describe squeezing e-liquid bottles to feed atomizers from the bottom.

But hold up: why would you want to feed e-liquid to your coil using a bottle of e-liquid built into your mod instead of the traditional vape tank?

The answer lies in RDAs, or Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers. These are advanced atomisers that allow vapers to drip e-liquid directly onto the coil in order to provide massive vapour production and intense flavours at very high wattages. For many cloud chasers, these are the gold standard of vaping.

RDAs use a shallow juice well instead of a tank, which means vapers have to frequently drip new e-liquid onto the coil to prevent the wick drying up. This resulted in great vapour and flavours but could be messy and time-consuming.

Squonk mods were developed as a hands-free dripping solution. Squonk mod bodies typically use magnetic covers and house the battery and a bottle for e-liquid. All you need to do is fill the bottle with e-liquid and then squeeze (squonk) the bottle to feed it up to the wicking material above.

If you want to learn more about rebuildable atomisers, check out our blog post about RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs.

Best Squonk Mods to Buy

We want our customers to enjoy the best vaping experience possible. To do this, we stock a range of the best squonk mods on the market. Here are some of our favourites.

Lost Vape Squonk Centaurus Quest BF Mod

Vapers that plan to choose their own RDA will find the Lost Vape Squonk Centaurus Quest BF Mod to be a great option.

The high-amp battery delivers great power. The storage bottle and squonk design make bottom filling convenient.

This versatile design features an intelligent chip for use in different modes. When replacing your atomizer, the creative connection mechanism automatically responds to the linkage. If you remove an atomizer, it will automatically reset.

Lost Vape Squonk Centaurus Quest BF Mod specifications:

  • Range of Power – 5 to 100W
  • Output Voltage – 0.7Vto 8.0V
  • Battery – 18650 – 20700 – 21700 Single battery squonk mod
  • Battery Voltage – 3.0V to 4.2V
  • Range of Temperature – 100°C to 315°C (200°F to 600°F)

Dovpo Pump Squonker Mod

Anyone looking for a squonk mod that offers convenience will love the Dovpo Pump Squonker Mod.

The Dovpo Pump Squonker Mod has a state-of-the-art auto-e-pump feed system. Plus, the bottom-feed system is easy to use. There is a button that operates the electronic pump. This means you can keep your RDA wicks wet without squeezing.

It uses a 510 connection and has been designed to house bottom-feed RDAs as large as 24mm. The safety features include a bypass function. This means it can be classified as a semi-mechanical mod.

Docpo Pump Squonker Mod specifications:

  • Battery – 18650 – 20700 – 21700 High drain battery
  • Colours – Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black
  • Dimensions – 81.8 mm x 52 mm x 25 mm
  • Resistance – 0.1 to 3.5 ohm
  • Working Voltage – 3.2V to 4.2V

Dovpo Topside Dual 200W Squonk Box Mod

The Topside Dual Squonk Mod was created by a Dovpo and Vapor Chronicles collaboration.

This durable squonk mod has a sturdy design thanks to it being constructed from aluminium and zinc alloy. The ergonomic design also provides great comfort when vaping.

The easy-to-use mod has a spacious squonk bottle that can hold up to 10ml of your chosen vape juice. The long-lasting dual battery squonk mod also has an LED battery light to keep you updated.

The high-powered device makes use of high-quality components. This includes the spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 connection.

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod specifications:

  • Dimensions – 54 mm x 42 mm x 88.5 mm
  • Battery – 18650 Dual Battery
  • Range of Wattage – 5W to 200W
  • Range of Resistance – 0.08 ohm to 3.0 ohm
  • Range of Voltage – 1.0V to 12V

ThunderHead Creations Storm BF Mod

The ThunderHead Creations Storm BF Mod is Thunderhead’s first squonk mod that feeds from the bottom.

The ergonomic oval design is perfect for comfort and function. And the mechanical mod is perfect for BF systems. The 8ml squonk bottle is made of silicone, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.

This mechanical squonk mod is perfect for advanced vapers. A good knowledge of components and compatible atomizers is essential for mechanical mods.

ThunderHead Creations Storm BF Mod specifications:

  • Dimensions – 54 mm x 87 mm x 30 mm
  • Battery – 18650 – 20700 – 21700
  • Capacity – 8 ml
  • Vape Mod Type – Mechanical Mod

Vandyvape Pulse V2 Box Mod

Vapers in the market for single-battery squonk mods will find the Vandyvape Pulse V2 Box Mod an excellent choice. The Pulse V2 Squonk Box by Vandy Vape is regarded as one of the best regulated squonk mods on the market.

The versatile option is compatible with a range of battery types. It features a 7ml squonk bottle and waterproof casing. This makes it easy to keep clean. The removable sides make customisation convenient on this regulated squonk mod.

Charging is quick and easy with the USB cable provided. When fully charged, it will typically provide enough power for a full day’s use.

Vandyvape Pulse V2 Mod specifications:

  • Dimensions – 82.3 mm x 54.7 mm x 28.4 mm
  • Battery – 18650, 20700, 21700
  • Wattage Output – 5W to 95W
  • Colours – Rainbow Resin, G10 Obsidian Black, Flame Red Resin, Sky Blue Resin

Who Are Squonk Mods Aimed At?

Squonk mods are designed for more advanced vapours who want to push the capabilities of their vape to the max. Mechanical squonk mods in particular are only suitable for vapers with a good understanding of vaping safety and ohm’s law.

How Do You Squonk?

You will need a squonk mod to begin squonking. The cut-out hole on the side of the box mod allows you to squeeze without opening the full mod again.

When you squeeze the juice bottle, your e-liquid will pass through a hose or line attached to the atomizer reservoir. This will coat the wick with vape juice, ready for vaping.

Pros of Using Squonk Mods

  • Large squonk bottle storage capacity
  • High vapour production capabilities
  • Significantly cleaner than alternatives – no more e-liquid spills
  • Reduces the risk of leakage
  • More convenient than dripping
  • Great for everyday use
  • Many brands are now developing regulated mods for squonking

Cons of Using Squonk Mods

  • They are bulkier than alternatives with portability
  • They are heavier than alternatives
  • They don’t support vape tanks
  • Single battery squonk mods have a shorter battery life
  • They require high vape juice consumption
  • Many squonk options are unregulated mods which are only suitable for advanced vapers


Squonking might not be for everyone. Some people prefer the convenience of a vape kit with a tank or even disposable vaping devices. However, if you want more control over your vaping experience, most squonk mods will provide that.

You will be able to choose between a single or dual battery mod depending on the power output you desire. Squonking can be a great way to enjoy great flavours. You will also be able to produce impressive clouds without compromise.

Only experienced users should consider unregulated mech mods, though. This is because you will need a good understanding of the components and workings of this kind of system.

Finding your perfect squonk mod is relatively straightforward. Simply explore our excellent range of options. Or, if you are looking for the latest squonk mod, we regularly update our stock. So, take a look at our great range of vape mods and stop by regularly for new releases.

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