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How To Clean Your Vape Tank

Vapers will typically spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right vape device. Experienced vapers in particular will understand the importance of keeping their vape tanks clean. Effective cleaning helps to prolong the life of your device, improves performance, and helps you achieve the best flavours.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about cleaning your vape tank and coils. We’ll help ensure you don’t damage your vape tank when cleaning it.

Simply follow the instructions below to enjoy a clean device.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Tank?

Regular vaping will leave a build-up of residue in your vape tank. Residue build-up can coat the tank, wicking material, and coils.

This residue can significantly impact the quality of performance. It will also impact the flavour of your e-liquids. If you change the e-liquid flavour, the remaining deposits can overwhelm the new flavour.

If you invest in a new vape tank, you will be able to taste the difference compared with an older, unclean tank.

Cleaning your tank weekly should make a difference. It will help to remove the residue that impacts your flavour and vapour production. It will also ensure your coils and wick are in good working order.

It’s also important to ensure your coils are clean to ensure good performance. Because your coils are responsible for heating your e-liquid and producing the vapour, dirty or clogged coils can affect the performance and taste of your vape device.

How to Clean Your Tank

The first step when cleaning your tank is to ensure it has been completely emptied of e-liquid. You should then hold the tank beneath warm water to remove any existing e-liquid residue.

After the tank has been rinsed thoroughly, you should use a paper towel or dry cloth to carefully dry out the tank.

Allow the tank to air dry for around ten minutes. Any remaining moisture should evaporate at this time. If there is still liquid in the corners, a cotton bud can be used to dry it up.

For a Simple Rinse (Water or PG)

As well as using warm water to clean your vape tank, you can also use PG (propylene glycol). Cleaning vape tanks by soaking them in PG can be a great way to remove stubborn e-liquid residue.

Leaving the vape tank to soak in unflavoured PG for around 20 minutes will typically work. This is because flavouring is naturally attracted to PG – the same reason that high PG e-liquids tend to taste amazing!

This option delivers a thorough clean that lets you enjoy new e-liquid flavours.

For a Deep Clean (Cleaning Agent)

If you are carrying out a deep cleaning of your vape tank, you can soak it in a bowl of warm water containing mild dish soap. Allow the tank to soak for a couple of minutes before rinsing it under running water.

Ensure any soap residue has been rinsed clear before drying, as advised above.

It is essential that the tank has been dried thoroughly before being reassembled. If the tank is still damp, it can compromise the safety and components of your vape pen.

As well as using dish soap, you can also soak your vape tank in a bowl with a mixture of water and baking soda, pure vinegar, or lemon juice.

Use a toothbrush to scrub the tank before rinsing thoroughly. Deeper cleaning using this method can help to remove dirt or bacteria from the tank.

You must always rinse the tank after using this method to ensure the e-liquid flavours aren’t affected by the vinegar or baking soda. Nobody wants a vinegar flavoured vape!

How to Clean Your Coil

Cleaning your vape tank is relatively straightforward. However, cleaning your vape coils can be more complicated. Luckily, this guide is here to help.

Replaceable coils come in small metal chambers. They will typically be found in MTL and sub-ohm tanks. While coils can be cleaned, it won’t take them back to their original quality. You may be able to get a few extra days out of your coils by cleaning them, so it can be worth it in some cases. However, you’ll still have to switch out your vape’s coils eventually!

To clean replaceable coil heads, you should first soak them for a couple of hours in white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or ethanol.

After soaking the coil head, you should rinse it under a tap. After thoroughly rinsing under a running tap, you should then use distilled water to rinse the coil heads again.

While it is still damp with distilled water, blow air on it. This forces water through the wicking holes.

You will then need to sit the coil head to the side to air dry and allow the water to evaporate. Sitting it in the sun or using a heater can help to speed up this process.

Even if the coil head looks good after cleaning, it will still need to be replaced soon. Explore our excellent range of coils to find your high-quality, affordable replacements.

How to Clean Rebuildable Coils

While cleaning replaceable coils isn’t always successful, you can effectively clean rebuildable coils.

Rebuildable atomiser users will find that cleaning rebuildable coils will help with performance. Failure to regularly clean vape coils on a rebuildable atomizer can result in them becoming clogged with gross gunk and residue.

Clogged coils will impact the vapour production and flavour from your vape. Thankfully, we are here to help you keep your vape device in good working order.

To clean your rebuildable vape coils, you must first remove the wicks. This allows you to dry burn your coils if they aren’t too dirty. Pulsing the fire button will help to remove any remaining liquid.

After a light dry burn, you can re-wick the coils. Don’t forget to let them cool down first!

If dry burning your coils hasn’t worked, you may need a deep cleaning method. To do this, you should remove your atomizer from the mod and place it under running water.

You can then use a coil cleaning tool or toothbrush to lightly brush the coils. In some cases, use a mild washing-up liquid to clean them. You can then rinse the coils before dry burning them to remove any excess moisture.


Regularly cleaning your tank should be part of your vaping routine. Spending money on components and vape juice can end up wasted if you are using a dirty device.

Cleaning tanks is a straightforward task that shouldn’t take too long. Weekly cleaning with the occasional deep clean should keep the device in good working order. Proper cleaning can help to protect tank components and ensure your vaping experience is optimal.

Cleaning vape coils can be a bit more challenging. However, it is still worth doing. Letting dirty coils soak can help to remove particularly stubborn residue.

And if cleaning just won’t cut it, explore our extensive range of new vape tanks and coils to find the perfect replacement for your vape.

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