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Mesh Coils vs Regular Coils

Whether you realise it or not, coils are very much the heart of any vape kit. Whether it’s a sub-ohm device capable of creating clouds close to that of Mount Vesuvius or a mouth-to-lung vape kit that’s geared towards ex-smokers, the coil is what makes it tick.

However, whilst many vapers may know what coils are best suited to their device, less is often known about the actual materials and structure that make up the vape coil and how this impacts your overall vaping experience.

The job of the vape coil is relatively simple, heating up to a range of different temperatures which then vaporises the e-liquid that is soaked into the wicking material. This is what creates the vapour we all know and love.

Knowing the differences between mesh coils and regular vape coils can help you to create a vaping experience that is more suited to your personal preferences and style. Let’s dive in and look at exactly what a mesh coil is compared to traditional coils.

The difference between mesh coils and regular coils

Coils are essential components in a vaping device that convert e-liquid into vapour. Both traditional coils and mesh coils both use a heating element to vaporise the liquid, which is then inhaled by the user. Both types of coils require a wicking material to transport e-liquid to the heating element. However, while regular coils consist of wire twisted in a coil shape, mesh coils are made of a sheet of metal with holes punched in it in a grid-like configuration.

The mesh shape is intended to increase the surface area of the coil which makes greater contact with the wicking material. This allows the coil to heat up more evenly and faster to produce better flavour and bigger vapour. The more even heat distribution that is created by the mesh design is what makes these coils particularly popular, offering a range of benefits that regular coils can’t.

What style of vaping are mesh coils used for?

Mesh coils are most commonly used for DTL vaping. This is because the mesh-structure helps to provide more vapour, and that is exactly what sub-ohm coils are designed to do. However, many vape manufacturers have been using mesh coils for their MTL coils to help provide big flavour without the big clouds. For example, Uwell are known for producing top quality pod systems and MTL devices and the Uwell Caliburn G/G2 replacement coils are available in three different coil resistances from including 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm,

Advantages of mesh coils

Better flavour

Mesh coils have become very popular in recent times as a result of the amazing flavour that these coils produce. The larger surface area of mesh coils allows more e-liquid to be vapourised with every inhale, which directly results in more flavour.

Bigger vapour

Similarly, the larger surface area allows for greater vapour production. Due to the increased surface area of the mesh coil, it is able to vaporise more e-liquid with every inhale which not only increases the flavour but also the amount of vapour that can be produced. This is why mesh coils have become increasingly popular with sub-ohm devices as they are able to produce bigger vapour.

Increased lifespan

Mesh coils tend to last longer than regular coils due to their design. Because of the wider surface area and lower resistance, they are less prone to burning out, resulting in fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.

Faster Heating

Because mesh coils have a larger surface area, they heat up more quickly than regular coils. This means you can enjoy a faster ramp-up time and more immediate vapour production.

Disadvantages of mesh coils

Use more e-liquid

So far we’ve spoken about the greater surface area of mesh coils as a positive thing, and for the most part it absolutely does have a positive impact on your overall vaping experience. However, these positives come at a cost, and this is this larger surface area and faster heating uses up more e-liquid than regular, wound vape coils do. This means spending more money on your vape juice.

Harder to install

This one is mainly for those interested in using RDAs. The mesh design can make these vape coils harder to install, as these vape coils do not come premade like many other types of regular vape coils.

When opting for a mesh coil, the mesh wire essentially comes in small sheets that require you to install them carefully, not creasing them as you do so and ensuring the cotton wick is pressed up against all sides of the coil.

Too much vapour for some

Mesh coils are notorious for large clouds of vapour, and for some, this may be way too much. This is especially the case if you’re not aware of the differences between mesh coils and standard coils, as that first inhale can catch you off guard.

What are regular coils?

Regular coils are the traditional style of vape coils and have been used in vaping for a long time. These are made of a wire that is wrapped tightly in a coil shape, with the number of wraps and the thickness of the wire determining the coil’s resistance.

Unlike mesh coils, these types of vape coils come in a range of different types which offer different experiences when vaping with them.

Vaping setups that use single coils are the norm, although some may use dual coils, triple and even quad core coils. A dual coil vape, for example, will contain two coils.. A triple coil comes with three and so on. With multi-core coils there is a bigger surface area, those cores will always be round wire coils as opposed to mesh coils.

What style of vaping are regular coils used for?

Regular coils are commonly used in mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which mimics the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. These coils consist of a single wire, typically made of Kanthal, nichrome, or stainless steel, which is wrapped into a coil shape. The simplicity of their design makes them an ideal choice for MTL vapers due to their specific characteristics.

Advantages of regular coils

Widely available

Regular coils are a well-established and widely used component of vaping devices, which means that they are readily available and easy to find. This makes it easy to stock up on replacement coils or try out different coil types and configurations.

Wider range 

As well as being more widely available, they also come in a much wider range of styles. For example, regular coils come in different styles such as clapton coils, fused clapton coils, framed staple coils and many more. This offers a great range of different coils to use, especially for those who are interested in rebuildables.

Easy to install

Regular coils are typically pre-made and can be easily installed by screwing them into place or clipping them onto the device’s deck. This makes them a convenient and user-friendly option for vapers who prefer simplicity and ease of use.

Warm vape

Regular coils typically heat up to higher temperatures that mesh coils which helps to provide a warmer vape.

Throat hit

Along with a warmer vape, regular vape coils also provide more of a throat hit. Whilst we understand that this isn’t an advantage for every type of vaper as not everyone is seeking a throat hit, it can be a huge pro if you’re the type of vaper who is.

Disadvantages of regular coils

Less flavour

Regular coils, compared to their mesh counterparts, tend to provide a subpar flavour experience. The design of regular coils restricts the distribution of e-liquid, resulting in a less pronounced and enjoyable taste sensation.

Shorter lifespan

One drawback of regular coils is their relatively shorter lifespan. Due to their construction and material, regular coils tend to burn out faster, requiring more frequent replacements. This can be inconvenient and more expensive in the long run.

Slow ramp up speed

Due to the higher resistance of most regular coils, their ramp up speed is often slower. Regular coils generally have a slower ramp up speed, meaning it takes longer for them to reach the desired temperature for vapour production. This delay can lead to a less instantaneous vaping experience, which may not be ideal for those seeking quick satisfaction.

Drains battery

For best performance, regular coils tend to need slightly more power than mesh coils. As a result, they tend to drain the battery of your vaping device more quickly. This can be a concern, especially if you are frequently on the go and don’t have easy access to charging options.


Mesh coils are growing rapidly in popularity amongst vapers, becoming a huge trend that you’re likely going to want to be a part of. They offer a range of positive benefits that cater to almost every and any style of vaping. Of course, nothing is without its drawbacks and that’s not to say that more traditional coils have lost their place in the vaping world – they certainly haven’t! In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of vape.

For any more information relating to coils to simply anything else vape related, contact our team today and we’ll be on hand to help. In the meantime, head feel free to explore our range of vape coils from brands including Uwell, Vaporesso, Innokin, Voopoo and more.

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