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OFRF NexMesh Coil 2pcs


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OFRF NexMesh Coil 2pcs

Whether you’re big on flavour or vapour production, OFRF have you covered. The OFRF nexMESH coils come in packs of two, and are available in three different resistances that each offer a unique sub-ohm vape experience. NexMESH is made of a perforated Kanthal material to provide a significantly better vape experience. The innovative wicking design allows for these mesh coils to provide a bigger and better vaping experience than ever before. OFRF have designed these replacement coils with a twin absorption system which delivers faster cotton saturating for much deeper flavour, denser clouds and less dry hits.

The 0.2ohm nexMESH A1 conical coil operates best between 75w-85w due to the slightly thicker mesh that is used, providing a warm throat hit, excellent flavour and impressive clouds. The NextMESH SS316L coil is made from stainless steel and is available in a 0.15ohm resistance, providing a slightly smoother sub-ohm vape with big clouds of vapour. The Ni80 coil also features the clever OFRF nexMESH design, available in 0.15ohm resistance that guarantees huge vapour clouds and super fast heating.

These NexMESH replacement coils are only compatible with the OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank. Pair these coils with one of our shortfills for huge clouds of vapour and a unique flavour experience – we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the amazing flavour profiles of these coils. If you’re someone who enjoys sub-ohm vaping, these coils definitely deserve a try!


Coil Type



0.15 and 0.2ohm


Stainless steel, Kanthal and Nichrome



Innovative NexMesh technology for enhanced cloud and flavour production
Twin absorption system for superior vaping
Designed for sub ohm vaping
Kanthal and Stainless Steel builds

It comes with

2 x NexMESH coils (per pack)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are ohms?

An ohm is a unit of measure for electrical resistance. The lower the ohm rating, the less resistance it has to current flow. Some vapers prefer coils with a higher ohm rating for a smoother, cooler vape, while others prefer coils with a lower ohm rating for increased vapour production. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

What is a mesh coil?

A mesh coil is a type of vaping coil that uses a mesh wire instead of the traditional wound wire. This allows for more surface area to be in contact with the wicking material, which results in better flavour and vapour production. Additionally, mesh coils tend to last longer than traditional coils.

What does Ni80 mean?

This of letters and numbers represents the material that the coil is made from and its grading. The ‘Ni’ stands for Nichrome, which is a combination of nickel and chromium. The numerical part represents the grading of the material.

What does SS316L mean?

The letters stand for the material that the coil is made from, which in this case is stainless steel. It also has a numerical grading, with 16L being the most common that stainless steel is found in. However, this type of wire is found in a variety of different grades.

What do the different materials mean?

The material of your coil will affect the flavour and vapour production of your vape. The most common materials used are stainless steel, nickel, and kanthal. Stainless steel provides a clean and crisp flavour, while nickel provides a smoother and sweeter flavour. Kanthal is the most common type of material used, and provides a balance of flavour and vapour production.

What does a vape coil do?

A coil is a heating element that vapourizes e-liquid inside a vape tank. It is activated by the battery, which heats up the coil and turns the e-liquid into vapour. They can come in different resistances and are made from different materials. Depending on the material and resistance you use, it will affect the flavour, vapour production, and throat hit.

Specification: OFRF NexMesh Coil 2pcs

Coil Type

Ni80, A1, SS316L

Weight0.01 kg



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