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Yeti Nic Salts


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Yeti Nic Salts

Ten bottles of Yeti Nic Salts different flavours that are available

Yeti Nic Salts are a delicious collection of e-liquids that will bring you a fantastic vape experience. If you are looking for an e-liquid with pure fruity flavours and a hit of ice then these are the Nic Salts for you. We must say, Dr Frost has a challenge on their hands – Yeti Nic Salts have taken the UK Vape Market by storm and they are here to stay!

Created by the expert team at UK-based vape labs Prohibition Vapes, these Nic Salts combine lip-smacking flavours with icy refreshing blasts to create an incredible vaping experience.

Instead of paying the regular price, mix and match any Nic Salt e-liquids from our full range- they are priced competitively. Browse our extensive range of Nic Salts today.


Yeti Nic Salts Flavours

Yeti Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Ice

The ultimate red slushy flavour, combining all of your favourite fruits into one delicious drink, taking you straight to Yeti cinema where it’s brain freeze time from the moment you sit down!

Yeti Blue Razz Cherry Ice

This frosty concoction is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and cold. It leaves you stuck in a state known as “permafrost”, where one can’t help but search for more!

Yeti Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Ice

The Yeti received a tropical masterpiece from the strong winds. Fortunately, it was frozen and preserved forever by the time it arrived in the arctic.

Yeti Apple Cranberry

Juicy cranberries pair perfectly with sweet apples in this sweet and tart Nic Salt flavour. The blend is perfectly complemented with a menthol mint blast on every exhale.

Yeti Apricot Watermelon

A refreshing mix of intensely delicious flavours including tangy delectable apricots combined with the succulent taste of freshly sliced watermelon.

Yeti Blue Raspberry

Sharp, freshly picked raspberries and sweet juicy blueberries create an amazing flavour from this Blue Raspberry vape.

Yeti Blood Orange Grape

Ripe Blood Oranges and dark Grapes combine effortlessly in this delicious all day vape.

Yeti Cherry

Juicy cherries, sugary sweetness, and of course the frosty blast of menthol makes this Yeti Nic Salt one of our favourite e-liquids. Compared to the Dr we all know this one is true flavour heaven!

Yeti Citrus Freeze

The Yeti pulled this one straight from the citrus freezer. A face twisting citrus explosion awaits all who dare to enter the tundra.

Yeti Energy

A super-charged combo of sweet summer berries and a crushed ice energy drink make Yeti Energy an invigorating vape juice.

Yeti Grape

Albeit the Dr has tried but this has smashed it! the Grape flavour Nic Salt combines sweet grapes with menthol mint freshness.

Yeti Lemonade

Ideal for quenching your thirst on hot summer days, Lemonade is a refreshing e-liquid flavour that combines sweet and sour lemon tastes! Overall, this e-liquid is a real winner for the summer… or any time…

Yeti Orange Mango

Tangy, tropical, and juicy, Orange Mango brings together fresh oranges and mangoes with the classic Yeti icy menthol flavoured breeze in this stunning e-liquid.

Yeti Strawberry

A deliciously refreshing vape featuring a prime selection of plump ripe strawberries sliced and diced to release a host of sweet flavours. This Nic Salt also provides an icy menthol taste of the exhale for a totally refreshing vapour experience.

Yeti Watermelon

Love watermelon? So do we. This Nic Salt features the uplifting and thirst quenching flavours of freshly sliced watermelon combined with a subtle but invigorating blast of minty menthol. Go on, we know you’ll love it!

Yeti Dark Fruit

When night falls in the tundra, load these fruits onto your coils and prepare to enter a flavour freeze over.

Yeti Frost Bite

Bite back with this iceberg smashing berry bonanza. A super fruit collective with the one and only Yeti chill.

Yeti Kiwi Pomegranate

This one’s a little but special. A finely tuned fruit fusion doused with the Yeti freeze for an unmistakable fruit treat.

Yeti Orange Lemon

Orange Lemon by Yeti is a refreshing E-liquid featuring the intense flavours of freshly squeezed Oranges and lemons providing sharp tones of sweet citrus. This vape doesn’t just taste great but has a moreish and uplifting aroma.

Yeti Passionfruit Lychee

Yeti Passionfruit Lychee is an exotic vape juice blend with featuring tangy passionfruit fruit notes paired with sweet lychee dominating the inhale. Perfect for an All-day vape!

Yeti Pineapple Grapefruit

Rumour has it, this pair of majestic fruits were once in abundance on the frozen plains. The Yeti took care of that in the making of this frozen fruit fusion.

Yeti Pink Raspberry

After the global success of the infamous Blue Raspberry, the Yeti went in search of new berries to blast onto your taste buds. Say hello to your next favourite razz!

Yeti Honeydew Blackcurrant

A delicious nic salt featuring a sweet combination of flavourful honeydew melon combined with tangy blackcurrants with a slightly sharp finish.

Yeti Cola

Old-fashioned cola with the fizz chilled to below freezing. This classic soda has travelled across some of our most inhospitable landscapes–the poles! It’s delicious and refreshing.

Yeti Frozen Pear

Luscious, juicy pears pressed in the snow to form pear-sickles. A refreshing daily treat to keep you going on your journey to find the mysterious Yeti.

Yeti Banana Blast

Fluffy yellow bananas found frozen in the snow, combined with ice to create a smoothie for the perfect Yeti breakfast treat.


Yeti Nic Salts Parameters


Yeti Nic Salt vape juice comes in 10ml bottles

VG/PG ratio

These Nic Salts have a ration of 60% VG and 40% PG.

Nicotine strength

Nic Salts by Yeti come in nicotine strengths of 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg



Why choose Yeti Nic Salts?

UK-based e-liquid manufacturers Prohibition Vapes created the Nic Salt Yeti range to rival the Dr Frost range and we can’t get enough of these ice-blasted fruity flavours. The Yeti Salts are perfect for fans of refreshing fruity flavours from their salt e-liquid.

What type of vaping are these Yeti Nic Salts suited for?

The Yeti range of Nic Salts are perfect for a MTL vape with their 60:40 VG to PG ratio.

Are Yeti e-liquids available in other forms?

If you are looking for Yeti E-liquid 100ml shortfills find them here! Fill up your baskets with Yeti Nic Salts they will certainly not disappoint.



The minds behind Yeti e-liquids are the team at Prohibition Vapes, and international, award-winning manufacturer of vape juice based out of Kent, right here in the UK.  Prohibition Vapes began as Smartcigs Ltd in 2012 and expanded rapidly, opening coffee and vape lounges under the name Prohibition Vapes. They subsequently developed their own E Liquid production capabilities and became known as Prohibition in 2017. Because Prohibition is fully equipped with a world-class pharmaceutical grade cleanroom, you can rest assured knowing that every bottle that is produced by the facility is as good as it can possible be. Not only that, but the brand is ISO14644 class 6 compliant and meets all standards.

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Yeti Nic Salts

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £2.99.

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