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A Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you’re finding yourself reading this sub ohm vaping guide, we are assuming that you have recently made the decision to take up vaping. If you are still in the process of choosing your first vape kit, we would advise referring back to our recent guide, in which we explore the different types of vape kits that are currently available on the market. We hear you – the options can sometimes be overwhelming!

At Legion of Vapers, we believe that no two vape kits are the same. Not only is there a huge disparity in the different types of devices available, but the high-tech features offered by the majority of vape kits and tanks such as variable wattage, adjustable airflow and temperature control hugely extend the customisability of your vape, making your possibilities practically endless.

That being said, there are a select few vaping styles that characterise your vaping experience. Arguably the most popular, sub-ohm vaping is most well-known for its association with big flavour and even bigger vapour production. Make no mistake about it – if you are hoping to blow big clouds, sub-ohming is the style for you!

This guide will take a deep dive into the world of sub-ohm vaping, a style that despite being a huge deal in the vaping community, remains a mystery to even the most experienced vape users. Still unsure as to whether cloud chasing is for you? Read on to find out!

So, first thing’s first…

What is sub-ohm vaping?

By now, we know that sub-ohm vaping is most associated with the production of huge clouds of vapour and intense flavour profiles. But how is that achieved through your device’s construction?

Its name derives from the resistance of the coils that can be found in any sub-ohm device – they are always under 1 ohm. When coupled with airflow and high wattages, these atomisers can produce volumes of vapour unrivalled by any other vape style.

Sub-ohm coils achieve their low resistances largely due to their construction. The coil wire that makes up every sub-ohm coil is thicker than that of standard atomisers – those that usually come in somewhere between 2 and 3 ohms. A thicker construction leads to a larger surface area, and the larger the surface area, the more e-liquid your e-cigarette can vaporise on every hit. The more e-liquid your device can turn to vapour, – you guessed it – the larger the clouds!


What are the benefits of sub-ohm vaping?


High power outputs and higher firing temperatures are typical of sub-ohm vaping, but what does this mean for the vaping experience on an individual level? In other words, if you choose to sub-ohm vape, what should you expect?

group vape cloud sub ohm vaping

Huge Cloud Potential


Without a doubt, if you are looking for immense cloud production, using a sub-ohm tank is the way to go.


More Intense Flavour Profiles


Not only are huge clouds a possibility when using sub-ohm tanks, vape mods, or coils, the flavour that you will experience on every inhale will be far more intense than that which can be achieved when ‘plus-ohm’ vaping. As more e-liquid can be vapourised with every hit of your e-cigarette, the flavour that you will receive will be all the more concentrated. 


No Throat Hit


More often than not, vapers who use a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape kit do so to replicate the feeling of smoking a conventional cigarette, a sensation that includes a throat hit – the feeling of nicotine hitting the back of your throat.


Whilst MTL users desire this feeling, many do not. Instead, a sub-ohm experience offers a lung hit to vapers; as ‘direct-to-lung’ entails, when using a vape kit of this type, you are drawing vapour directly into your lungs, as opposed to holding it in your mouth in the first instance.




As airflow is such an integral aspect of sub-ohm vaping, the large majority of sub-ohm tanks that you can find on the market will integrate adjustable airflow and many other features that lead to a truly personalised, customisable vaping experience regarding the volume of air that is pulled into to your device. 

Vape mod tanks

What are the drawbacks associated with sub-ohm vaping?


With the introduction of vape mods, kits and tanks that are specifically sub-ohm, this style of vaping has become more accessible than ever before, which greatly explains its surge in popularity. However, all vape users are different, so we recognise that it may not be quite as appealing to all types of vape users, as there are many aspects of sub-ohming that despite being huge positives for some, may be negatives for others.


Not discreet


Blowing billowing clouds of vapour from your vape devices sounds like a lot of fun in theory, and for many people, it is no less enjoyable in practice, too! The growth of the vaping community has welcomed the introduction of nationwide tournaments during which individuals compete to blow the biggest clouds and even perform tricks with their vapour, so it is clear to see that cloud chasing is not going anywhere anytime soon. However, many vapers, especially those using vaping simply as a means of satisfying their nicotine cravings, may prefer to be more subtle and discreet, staying under the radar with their vaping. For these, MTL kits such as pen-style devices or pod vape kits will be more appropriate.


Increased e-liquid consumption


By now, we know that sub-ohm coils have a wider surface area, meaning that they can absorb larger volumes of vape juice and in turn, deliver a richer flavour.


The downside to this, however, is that you will get through your vape juice shortfills quicker than you would if you were using a plus-ohm device. With this in mind, if you are hoping to sub-ohm vape, we would recommend stocking up on your e-liquid. But fear not, you are in a great place to do exactly that! At Legion of Vapers, we boast an impressive selection of e-liquids. With everything from high VG e-liquid to 50:50 shortfills, from nic salts to nic shots, you are bound to find an e-juice that is perfectly suited to your tastes.


Increased battery consumption


Just as using a sub-ohm vape tank will increase the amount of e-liquid that you are using with every hit of your device, using a box mod designed for sub-ohm vaping will result in your battery being drained quicker than would be the case if you were using a regular mod. Be it a single battery mod or a double battery mod, a mechanical mod with a built-in battery or one that is external and requires its own battery charger, the effects of sub-ohm vaping will be felt by your vape devices battery. With this in mind, we would certainly advise keeping the charger for your vaping device close to hand. After all, the additional power that you are outputting to your device will need to come from somewhere!


More need for replacement coils


As we have seen above, high wattages of power being sent to your device means that more e-liquid and battery will be used. You may be noticing a pattern here, as the same can be said for your coils. All coils have a lifespan, meaning that they will burn out over time. Unless you are using a disposable vape kit, you will need to invest in some replacement coils for your device to keep you vaping.


Generally speaking, sub-ohm coils are known to last a week or two, but this will depend on the frequency with which you are using your vape and the care that you are taking with your coils.


Whilst sub-ohm coils generally last a shorter time than regular coils, you can extend their life by priming them before use, as well as selecting your mod settings before you vape.


Less nicotine


As we have explored, more often than not, sub-ohm vapers opt for these types of devices for the experience first and foremost; users select these devices to blow large clouds and enjoy intense flavour profiles, not for the nicotine hit that their e-cig can offer them. If you are looking for a vaping style that uses an e-juice with a high nicotine strength to aid your transition from smoking regular cigarettes, sub-ohming might not be the best place to start.

Vaporesso device on stone

How do you sub-ohm vape?


Sub-ohming is not what it once was – it was once only available to those who have a thorough understanding of ohm’s law. If you are foraying into the lands of RTAs and RDAs and RDTAs, we’d still recommend having an understanding of these concepts, but with the huge amount of sub-ohm tanks that are available on the market, a lot of this is taken care of for you. 


Step one is to get your hands on a piece of hardware of this type!


Best vape hardware for sub-ohm vaping


To sub-ohm vape, you will need an atomiser with a resistance lower than 1 ohm. Any coil with a resistance in this range will have a large surface area, but if you are really hoping to get the best sub-ohm experience possible, we would recommend using mesh coils.


Once you have placed your coil into a sub-ohm vape kit that is capable of delivering a higher wattage, you are good to go. Whilst this is all you need to get on your way with sub-ohm vaping, we have some additional hardware-related recommendations that whilst not necessary, will allow you to have the best sub-ohming experience possible. 


Get the right batteries


Sub-ohming requires a lot of power, so it’s only right that your power source is up to the challenge! When shopping around for batteries for your sub-ohm vape device, be sure to select an option that has a high amp rating. This way, your batteries will be more than capable of outputting high wattages with ease. If you are browsing our batteries selection here at Legion of Vapers, we would recommend high ampage options such as the Listman IMR 21700 40A Battery Pair or the Efest IMR 20700 30A Battery Pair.


Be selective with your box mod


To handle the power coming from your batteries, you are going to need a box mod that is capable of supporting high wattages. Without a wide power range, you will not be able to produce those huge clouds that have become synonymous with sub-ohm vaping. Without a doubt, we would recommend opting for a vape mod that is capable of outputting more than 40 watts of power. Fortunately, most advanced mods have been designed with this in mind, and you will be stretched to find a sub-ohm mod that doesn’t support a wattage that sits within this range. 


Use coils below 0.5 ohm


Whilst technically speaking, any coil under 1 ohm can be considered a low resistance coil or a sub-ohm coil, using coils under 0.5 ohm ensures the best vaping experience and promises the largest clouds. 


Best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping


When it comes to selecting an e-liquid for your sub-ohm device, it is recommended to aim for an e-juice that contains a high VG content. High VG e-liquids (juices with at least 70% VG) have a thicker, more viscous consistency, making them perfect for being absorbed by larger low resistance vape coils.


In high VG e-liquids, the VG content is responsible for the extensive vapour production that you are guaranteed to experience. The e-liquid’s PG content is what gives it its massive, hard-hitting taste, given the liquid’s aptitude for carrying flavour effectively. 

e-liquid refill in vape pod

Inhaling techniques for sub-ohm vaping


Perhaps the most key difference between sub-ohm and regular vaping is that when using a sub-ohm device, you draw vapour directly into your lungs (much like you would when using a shisha pipe) as opposed to holding the vapour in your mouth first. This is perfect for those hoping to blow large clouds, as clearly, you can hold much more vapour in your lungs than you can in your mouth. 


As sub-ohm vape devices have looser, airier draws, they are perfectly designed for direct-to-lung inhaling. The way in which you choose to inhale your vapour when using a sub-ohm device is completely up to you, but at Legion of Vapers, we have a few tips and tricks that you can experiment with, each guarantee to take your sub-ohm experience that much further.


Open up your airflow


Most sub-ohm devices have been known to incorporate adjustable airflow. By setting your device to its most open airflow setting, you will allow the most amount of air to flow into your device, in turn, heating up your coils quicker. The result? A delicious tasting flavour profile on the inhale and huge, billowing clouds on the exhale!


Inhale fast, not slow


If the clouds you are producing by using unrestricted airflow are simply not large enough to satisfy the cloud chaser in you, it might be time to switch up your inhale. When drawing from your vape, try inhaling powerfully. Not only will your cloud production be increased by vaping faster, but you will also reduce the chance of having your coils overheat with the additional air being delivered. 

Vape pod device


With this guide we hope that you now have a deeper understanding of sub ohm vaping and that you can now take this knowledge and apply it to your vaping methods. This can be a lot of information to take in all at once, but our aim here today is to give you the foundation you need for optimal sub ohm vaping. As we have said before, there are many ways to vape, however with the right e-liquid and tools at hand you too can discover and experiment with these different styles and find the perfect fit.


If you have any more questions on sub ohm vaping, what coils you might need or what device would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eagerly awaiting to hear from you and help you in any way we can.

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