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Elf Bar vs Geek Bar

It’s the clash of the titans. It’s David vs. Goliath… It’s Elf Bar vs Geek Bar. These two heavyweights are facing off in a bout to find out who the king of the disposable vapes are. There’s no denying that these are the two biggest names in disposables, but do you know exactly what sets them apart? We’re going to disassemble these devices and break down their similarities and their differences to help you decide which vape is best for you.

Design differences

In terms of design, Elf Bar and Geek Bar differ quite a lot. Elf bar disposables have a cylindrical shape which measures in at 120mm x 23mm, whereas Geek Bars are slightly shorter, measuring in at 105mm x 23mm. Whilst both of these vapes are very pocket-friendly, the Geek Bar might be better for you if you’re looking for the smaller of the two.

In terms of aesthetics, Elf Bars feature a more simple look of the two with a matte coloured design relating to the flavour of the device. Geek Bars have a unique, modern design which comes as no surprise due to GeekVape’s commitment to innovative designs with all of their vape products. The Geek Bars feature a smooth, glossy look and are more rectangular and flat than Elf Bar. On the body of the vape, “Geek Bar” is written in big bold writing.

Elf Bars have a duck billed mouthpiece which is actually made separate from the body of the disposable, and is always black which contrasts to the brightly coloured body of the vape. On the other hand, the Geek Bar mouthpiece is not made separate from the body. Instead, Geek Bars have a tapered mouthpiece which many may prefer. The base of the device is also black and is made separate, featuring a small LED which lights up when you vape or once the device is finished.


Disposable vapes are very simple in design, and a part of that simplicity is the fact that they feature an in-built battery. Disposables such as Elf Bar and Geek Bar are intended to be pocket-friendly, sleek and simple in design and so a smaller battery is important if this design aspect is to be maintained. As well as this, disposable vapes are for mouth-to-lung vaping and this works best with a low-powered battery. Elf Bar disposables feature a slightly more powerful battery at 600mAh, where Geek Bars have a 550mAh battery.


Every disposable vape comes with a specific amount of puffs it will take before the device will need replacing (it’s important to note that this is only an estimated number of puffs, depending on your usage). The Elf Bar wins when it comes to puff count with an estimated maximum of 600 puffs which equates to around two packs of cigarettes whereas Geek Bar disposable vapes come with slightly fewer puffs at 575. The lower amount of puffs is also a result of the lower powered battery.


Both Elf Bar and Geek Bar disposable vapes have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and are filled with nic salts. Nic salts provide a smooth throat hit even at high nicotine strengths, making disposables a great choice for those who have just quit smoking cigarettes. TPD regulations within the EU do not allow for any tanks, pods or disposables to have more than a 2ml e-liquid capacity.


Nicotine consumption is an important aspect of vaping for a lot of people, especially those who have just quit smoking cigarettes. Disposable vapes can be an excellent choice for a cigarette smoker’s first foray in vaping as they can be very effective at satisfying nicotine cravings, and Elf Bars and Geek Bars are no exception to this. Most disposable vapes commonly have 20mg of nicotine inside them, which is the highest amount of nicotine allowed in e-liquid in the UK and EU.

Both Elf Bars and Geek Bars can also be purchased in 10mg and 0mg varieties, which is great for those who are trying to cut down their nicotine consumption but enjoy the flavours. The 0mg disposables do not contain nic salts, instead they feature a 50/50 mixture of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.


For many vapers, flavour is one of the most important things. And hey, we get it! Not everyone is going to care about the battery size or puff count and that’s ok. Luckily, Elf Bar and Geek Bar offer a wide range of mouth-watering flavours to try. When looking through the many flavours that are available you will find some of the same one of the most popular ones across both brands such as Grape, Peace Ice and Pink Lemonade.

We feel that Geek Bar disposable vapes are the better choice when it comes to fruity flavours, offering a bit more depth and sweetness than Elf Bar disposable vapes. That’s not to say that Elf Bar’s fruity flavours are lacking in flavour as they’re most certainly not, it’s just that the e-liquid in Geek Bar’s vapes offer a bit more sweetness on the inhale.

If you’re a vaper who really enjoys a tobacco flavoured vape, that’s where Elf Bar disposables really shine. Their menthol flavours are also fantastic, with a wide range of fruity, icy mixes such as Peace Ice, Watermelon Ice and more.

In terms of range, vapers will not be disappointed with either. Geek Bar edges out Elf Bar ever so slightly with a few more flavours, especially thanks to the Geek Bar Dr Vapes collaboration which extends their range and contains some of the very best e-liquids from Dr Vapes which appeals to lovers of disposables as the delicious e-liquids from Dr Vapes. Both brands have over 20 flavours to choose from and with an ever-growing list you can be sure to find a flavour that will satisfy your taste buds.


Now we’ve covered all of the important bases, let’s look at how each of these perform. Disposable vapes are known for their convenience, coming pre-filled with e-liquid and ready to use right out of the packet making them entirely hassle-free.

Despite costing significantly less than pod kits and other vape devices, these disposable vapes provide an excellent mouth-to-lung vaping experience. They both produce a decent amount of vapour when taking a long, deep exhale (though don’t expect any of them to come close to a sub-ohm vape device) or you can take shorter drags for discreet vapour.

Both Elf Bar and Geek Bar perform very well in terms of flavour, offering not only a range of great flavour profiles, but there is real depth to the taste. Both disposable devices feature auto-draw activation for simple MTL vaping too. These disposables are great for new vapers or more experienced vapers too who just want that easy to use, convenient device on hand.

Final thoughts

And there you have it, all there is to know about Elf Bars and Geek Bars from the battery size, puffs, the design and strengths. The only thing left now is to try them out yourself. We stock a wide range of different flavours and nicotine strengths of both Elf Bars and Geek Bars so you can try both out and see what one you enjoy more.

If you’re looking for something with a little more sophistication than Elf Bar disposable vapes but aren’t quite ready yet to graduate to a more complex device, we recommend checking out the all new Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit. This looks just like an Elf Bar but it uses pre-filled replaceable pods for ease of use. This means you don’t have to keep purchasing a new device every time you run out of e-liquid!

If you have any more questions regarding disposable vapes or anything else vape related, you can contact us today and our team of experts will be happy to help.

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