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Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Pod 2pcs

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Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Pod 2pcs

Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Pod 2pcs are the latest addition to the Elf Bar family. These come in 2ml pre-filled vape juice with various flavours for you to choose from and 2 pieces each pack. Featuring a 1.2ohm coil installed, these amazing e-liquid pods will bring the most insane flavour. Overall it is smooth and bursting to tickle your taste buds.

Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Mate Pod

Having tested these little gems we can say they are full of flavour and extremely smooth. We have had the privilege to test a lot of disposables in todays market and nothing comes close to these for sure!

Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod have released many flavours and will continue to so that they can ensure the product has longevity and ultimately choice. We like what Elf Bar has done with the Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod.

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So, you maybe thinking is there a review on these to ensure you make the right decision? We totally get that and now the product has been around for a while there are ample of reviews available to both read and watch. We have highlighted our friends over at POTV who give the low down on the Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pods alongside the device.

The Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pods currently come in a whopping 38 flavours for you to choose from. This includes a flavour for the tobacco enthusiasts, sweet tooth vapers and fruity ones amongst us.

We say enjoy the Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pods with the variety of flavours and ease of use. In fact, we have a few on the go in the office!

Let us dive right down into the number of different flavour profiles the Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod has to offer.

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Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod Flavours

Blue Razz Lemonade

A pick of the freshest blueberries mixed in with some lemonade fizz.


Simply stunning! Pure freshly picked blueberries have been crushed to provide you with the fruit to vape!

Banana (NEW)

Ripe bananas hand picked at the right time to make the perfect banana vape for sure!

Blueberry Raspberry (NEW)

The classic fresh blueberries with a tangy raspberry mix.

Cola (BB 04/24)

This one is what it says on the pod- COLA!

Cotton Candy (BB 04/24)

Back to the old school with this one. Candy floss at its best for you sweet tooth vapers! Absolutely delicious.

Creamy Tobacco (BB 02/24)

A sensational fresh tobacco with a smooth and creamy blend.

Energy (BB 02/24)

The ever most popular energy drink flavour- someone once said it tastes like Jägermeister!


Once again this flavour is so smooth and sweetness falls out of the pod itself! If you are a grape fan add this to your basket now!

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Elf have made this such a popular flavour how could they not have it in their latest release! We are glad they did this combination of the 3 fruits is a stunner. Overall a real winner in the collection.


Mango, mango and more mango because we can! Essentially sweet ripe mangoes!

Peach Ice (NEW)

A juicy and ripe peach compacted into an Elf Bar P1 Pod! You can literally taste the peaches as if you have bitten the real thing cut with a subtle brush of ice.

Pink Lemonade (BB 03/24)

The strawberries and cranberries stand out in this flavour with the added bonus of lemonade and not forgetting the fizz!

Spearmint (NEW)

All you cool fans eat your heart out. It has finally arrived a smooth and sweet spearmint icy vape.

Strawberry (NEW)

Fresh picked strawberries in a pod. A wonderful refreshing sweet strawberry vape.

Strawberry Banana (NEW)

An intense flavour of fresh strawberries with a bounce of ripe bananas.

Strawberry Ice Cream (NEW)

Overall this has to be one of the best selling disposable vapes on the market and now available as an Elf Bar P1 Pod. Creamy vanilla ice cream with swirls of fresh and sweet strawberries.


The juiciest watermelons have been picked for this pod. Consequently sweet and succulent.

Watermelon Strawberry (NEW)

A juicy combination of succulent watermelons infused with sweet strawberries from the fields.

Red Apple (NEW)

Apple fans this was made for you in mind. A pre-filled pod full of sweet red apples as though you have taken a bite of the Liberty Apple.

Honeydew Grape (NEW)

The sweetness of the honeydew melon is perfectly balanced against a sweet and tarty grape.

Strawberry Lemonade (NEW)

Say hello to the flavour for the summer. In fact we believe you will be vaping this all year round! A sensational lemonade base blended perfectly with fresh strawberries.

Cherry Ice (NEW)

Finally, the cherry ice flavour has arrived in the P1 Pod. A mesmerising blend of sweet and tangy cherries sitting on a bed of ice. An Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod that truly captures the flavour of cherry.

Bamboo Aloe (NEW)

A juicy blend of floral aloe vera with both sweet and cool notes.

Orange Soda (NEW)

A refreshing taste of the finest orange fizzy soda in town even beating Keenan and Kels!

Mad Blue (NEW)

Yep, this had to be done. The flavour machine full of blueberries, raspberries and mixed berries with a delicate touch of coolness.

Raspberry Blossom (NEW)

A sweet and tarty flavour of fresh raspberries with a floral touch. Tasting is believing with this one!

Razz Lychee (NEW)

A delicious combination of blue raspberries and sweet lychees to bring to you your new all day vape Elf Bar P1 flavour!

Pineapple Ice (NEW)

Pineapple Ice blends the sweet tropical flavour of pineapple with a bold ice menthol note. The result is an exotic vape with a cool aftertaste.

Cherry Cola (NEW)

Cherry Cola recreates the flavour of a popular soda. A layer of sweet-tasting cherry is paired with the sugary flavour of cola, creating a fizzy vape with a fruity finish.

Cherry Peach Lemonade (NEW)

Cherry Peach Lemonade is a combination of juicy fruits and zingy soda. Sweet notes of cherry and peach are paired with the distinct, zesty flavour of traditional lemonade.

Blue Razz Cherry (NEW)

Blue Razz Cherry layers notes of blue raspberry, a sharp raspberry taste and a hint of cherry with a distinct ice menthol flavour. This combination of fruits and icy aftertaste creates a fruity, juicy vape.

Watermelon Bubblegum (NEW)

Watermelon Bubblegum blends the juicy flavour of watermelon with sweet notes of bubblegum. The result is a candy vape with a tropical, fruity twist.

Kiwi Cucumber (NEW)

Features a juicy fusion that plays between sweet and sharp notes. The flavour of exotic kiwi is mellowed out by the crisp taste of cucumber.

Mango Peach Watermelon (NEW)

This a fruity fusion that complements the juicy taste of ripe mango with light notes of peach and the sweetness of watermelon.

Sakura Mint (NEW)

The only way to describe this is a floral, frosty blend. The light flavour of cherry blossom is complemented by a sweet, cool mint finish.


This an earthy, smoky flavour. A robust, rich tobacco taste is present in every puff.

Lemon & Lime (NEW)

This incredible Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod features an intense citrus taste. Bold, tangy lemon combines with juicy lime for a zingy fruit blend.

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Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod Parameters

Colour: Transparent black
E-liquid Capacity: 2.0ml
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
Pod material: PCTG

Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod Features

  1. Purity of flavour from first vape to the last
  2. 99.99% leak free containing a condensation and storage recovery base
  3. To point out each pod is equivalent to 20 cigarettes
  4. Activated by pushing into the Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Battery Device and waiting for 3 seconds!

It comes with

1 x Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled Pod 2ml 2pcs

Please note that the pods are to be used in conjunction with the Elf Bar Mate 500 Device.


Elf Bar

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Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Pod 2pcs
Elf Bar P1 Pre-filled E-Liquid Pod 2pcs

Original price was: £8.99.Current price is: £4.99.

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