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Best All Day Vape Juices for 2023

Finding your perfect vape juice can be tricky. Every vaper needs at least one trusty all-day vape juice that they never get bored of, but going through endless trial and error can be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why we’ve narrowed your options for you. After sampling a wide range of different vape juice flavours and brands, here are some of our favourite e-liquids that can be happily vaped all day.

Plus, all of these fantastic e-liquids are available here at Legion of Vapers. So, what’s holding you back? Let’s get started.

What Is An All-Day Vape?

An all-day vape is a juice that you can use all day. The nicotine strength and flavour are perfect, so you can vape away. You won’t feel over or underwhelmed by the taste and sensation since the flavours are well-balanced, and the nicotine levels are just right for your needs. In short, it’s your go-to e-juice you never get sick of.

An all-day vape doesn’t have to be a specific type of juice – it just has to be perfect for you. This means that it can be a nic salt, freebase nicotine e-liquid, or shortfill. It can also be high in PG or a high-VG E-liquid to suit your needs and vaping style.

Where did the name ‘all day vape’ come from?

The vaping community coined the term to describe personal preference and help vapers find their ideal nicotine strength and flavour.

What makes a great all-day vape?

The best all-day vape fulfils your nicotine cravings and is excellent on the taste buds.

  • It’s not overpowering in taste or vapour production for everyday use
  • Smooth inhalation
  • Natural tasting e-liquid
  • Perfect nicotine level

It takes some time to find your ADV. You must experiment with strengths, flavours, and the best e-liquid brands. Our ultimate e-liquids guide can help you find the right one, but here are some of our recommendations for a great all-day vape.

All-Day Vape Recommendations:

The following are our top vape juice brands and best vape juice flavours that won’t leave you bored of the flavour or experiencing the dreaded vaper’s tongue:

Fruit Zilla E-liquid 100ml

Fruit Zilla e-liquid can only be found at Legion of Vapers, and it might be the best all-day vape juice in the UK. This brand’s flavours are rich and please almost anyone’s palate. The quality and pure flavours are unmatched. However, they’re not too overwhelming – ideal for an ADV!

Their top flavours include Cherry Fizz, Blue Raspberry Fizz, and Mango Fizz. Our favourite is Cherry Fizz – what’s yours?

Joe’s Juice PUD Range eLiquid 200ml

Joe’s Juice PUD range offers vape juices in different dessert flavours. The flavours are amazing and will tickle your senses. It’s a high VG e-liquid and is a firm favourite. The Pancakes and Syrup flavour is top-quality – a great ADV for anyone with a sweet tooth.

They have the perfect blend of every sweet flavour, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes from Joe’s Juice PUD e-liquids.

Wick Liquor Solstice E-liquid 100ml Shortfill

Wick Liquor Solstice E-liquid is another e-liquid that is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, as it mixes fruits with a hint of dessert. This brand focuses on just four flavours, but they’re all top quality. The Solstice E-liquid was specifically made for sub-ohm vaping and comes with two nic shots, so if you’re a sub-ohm lover this e-juice will be a great all-day vape option for you.

Wick Liquor 100ml E-liquid Shortfill

We’re not done with Wick Liquor yet! Their 100ml shortfill range flavours all great as as an all-day vape. Yes, their shortfills shortfills feature unique flavours and are considered “premium boutique E-Juice blends”, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them every day.

Boulevard Shattered might just be our favourite thanks to its fruity flavours with a hint of cooling ice – great for refreshing and delighting your taste buds all day.

The Rochford Project E-liquid

This family-run business was formed to create the perfect all-day-vape flavours. The Rochford Project experimented with countless flavours and mixes until finding the perfect ones – and it shows!

Strawberries & Cream and Lemon Lush are our top flavours. They put a lot of time, effort, and research into creating their flavours, and you can be sure you’re purchasing top-quality e-liquids. It’s no surprise that many vapers count these e-juices as some of their favourite all-day vapes.

Doozy Legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid

Doozy produces some of the best juices on the market. Their Seriously Donuts and Seriously Fruity lines are affordable and delicious – some of our favourites for sure. For an all day vape, some of our favourites from the Doozy Legends range include tongue-tingling Fizzy Lemon and refreshing Fiji.

Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid 100ml

Yeti Ice Cold e-juice is very icy and juicy and is considered the tastiest and coolest brand on the market. They have a major range of flavour profiles; 20 different ones, to be exact. Their liquids are high VG, and their classic flavours are top-notch.

Some popular ones that might become your new favourite all day vape include Apricot Watermelon, Apple Cranberry, and Banana Blast.

Nasty Juice Original E-Liquid Shortfills

Nasty Juice is one of the best e-juice brands. They produce out-of-this-world fruity mixes and combine them with tobacco and dessert blends. They even won the Best Fruit Flavour at the Vaper Expo in 2016.

Their e-liquids have a delightful taste and contain a touch of menthol for a refreshing exhale. Their shortfill range provides nicotine-free e-liquids. Their award-winning flavours include Cushman Series, Berry Series, Nasty Shisha, Nasty Ballin, and Nasty Tobacco.

Despite their name, there’s nothing nasty about these vape juices. Try them today to find a perfect all day vape.

Sadboy E-Liquid 100ml

The Sadboy e-liquid range is a wild mix of delicious flavours, from fruity blends to ones on the savoury side. They have intense flavours and are of fantastic quality. They take ordinary flavours and transport them to a new dimension – a dessert-lover’s dream. With a 70VG/30PG ratio, these e-juices also come with nic shots to allow you to mix your ideal nicotine strength for the perfect all day vape that is satisfying and delicious.

Fresh Vape Co E-Liquid 100ml

Fresh Vape Co E-liquid is perfect for those vapers who love fruity flavours and have a sweet tooth. Their range consists of 6 dual fruity flavours with the iciest finish. All produced in the UK, the tongue-tantalising Fresh Vape Co juices are available as high VG shortfills and nic salt e-liquids. This means that you can find your perfect all-day vape, no matter what device and vaping style you use.

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid Shortfills

Twelve Monkeys offers fruity tropical fusions, tobacco-enriched blends and dessert mixes. Their flavours have their own little twist and have been a favourite among vapers for a while.

Available as high VG shortfills, these e-liquid bottles also have space for a 10ml nicotine shot. While they might be considered too high in VG for an all-day vape, they’re ideal for regular cloud-chasers who enjoy a good amount of vapour from their device.

Zap Juice E-Liquid 50ml

Zap Juice is an award-winning brand. They offer 50/50 10ml nic salts and high VG 50ml bottles with zesty flavours. Passion Fruit Zest and Lychee Lemonade are their famous flavours and two popular contenders for the best all day vapes.

Zap Juice also recently launched Mokasma, a range of coffee-flavoured vapes and AISU, a range of menthol fruit flavours. Their e-liquid flavours are available in 70% VG and 50% VG concentrations, meaning that there’s something for everyone! We’re big fans of the e-liquids produced by the boffins at Zap Juice; we’re sure you’ll love them too!


On this list, we’ve shared a bunch of amazing e-liquids that could easily become your next all-day vape. Try one of our suggestions today or visit our full selection of e-liquids to find your new fave. Got a favourite that isn’t listed here? Leave us a reply below to share your go-to all-day vape!

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