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How To Extend Vape Battery Life

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling your vape out of your pocket and realising the battery is completely drained, especially when you’ve just charged your vape! Similarly, only being able to get a few puffs in before the battery starts to bomb out is really inconvenient when you’re out and about with your vape.

So, how can you extend the life of your vape? Luckily, there are a few easy ways to ensure that the battery lasts longer. With our handy guide, you won’t be scrambling for a charger anymore. If you’re ready to enhance your vaping experience, let’s get started.

Battery Safety and Care

Extending your vape battery lifespan starts with choosing high-quality batteries from reputable manufacturers. This is because most well-known brands invest in safety and quality standards for their devices and vape batteries. When you buy a new battery, you should always pay close attention to the manufacturer’s charging instructions and ensure that you’re using the right charger for the battery.

No matter what vape battery you have, you should still use certain practices and techniques to extend the battery life. Being sure to adjust the settings, avoiding extreme temperatures and not overcharging your vape device can help to keep the battery working properly.

Optimal Wattage Settings

With any vape device, you’re going to want to adjust the wattage settings to find a good balance between conserving your battery and getting the best performance out of your vape. Wattage refers to the amount of power that the vape coil uses to heat the e-liquid and produce vapour.

While higher wattage settings can produce more vapour, they can also drain energy from the battery much faster than usual. As a rule of thumb, lower settings use less energy and can help to extend your battery’s lifespan.

Proper Coil Resistance

Coil resistance directly affects the amount of power that you need to heat the coil and vaporise the vape juice. Typically, lower-resistance coils or sub-ohm coils need more power to produce the same amount of vapour as high-resistance coils. This means that the battery life of your vape will be much shorter.

To maximise the battery power in your vaping device, you’ll want to pick higher-resistance coils. They’re also great for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which means a more relaxed and energy-efficient vaping experience.

Adjusting Airflow

Fine-tuning the airflow on your vaping device can help to give your vape battery a little extra power since restricted airflow needs less power and can conserve vape battery. On the other hand, a wider airflow can use more battery and cause your e-cig battery to drain even faster.

While you’ll want to adjust your airflow to work with your vaping style (MTL or direct-to-lung), it’s important to keep it in mind the next time your batteries drain quicker than usual.

Battery-Saving Modes

Some vapes have handy battery-saving modes that can change their settings or a standby mode that can maintain the battery when you’re not actively using your device. Since the device is using less power, the rate of battery depletion will decrease, making the battery charge last longer. By using these modes on your vape kit during long periods of not vaping or even between puffs, you can make sure that you’re getting the best battery life from your device.

Charging Best Practices

Proper charging habits are essential for extending the life of your vaping batteries. Some of the best practices you can use for vape batteries include:

  • Always use recommended battery chargers to ensure that you’re charging your e-cig battery with the right amount of power.
  • Unplug your charger as soon as it reaches full charge. Don’t leave the battery charging overnight or you may risk overcharging it.
  • Recharge your vape battery before it reaches 0%. If you let the battery completely drain, you may be discharging the battery which could be detrimental to your vapes battery health.
  • Don’t vape while the battery is charging. Instead, wait for it to be fully charged before you vape.
  • Charging your battery properly is better than charging it in short bursts. Don’t charge and unplug vape batteries too quickly.

Avoiding Continuous Chain Vaping

If you’re chain vaping (as in, taking one puff after another without a break), you may unintentionally drain the battery quicker. While it can be tempting to keep puffing – especially when your e-liquid is delicious – it can ruin the battery. This is mainly because the more you vape, the more your vaping device will continue to heat up and use more power.

Ideally, you’ll want to rest for around 15 seconds or so between puffs to let your vape and the coil cool down and return to normal.

Screen Brightness and Timeout

Most vape mods or more advanced vape kits will have an LED display, so managing timeout settings and screen brightness with these devices is super important. Ironically, these LED screens that show us how much power your vape has left can actually use up a lot of power, so keeping control of your screen can actually extend the life of the battery.

Generally, bright screens use more power, so reducing the screen brightness will help to make the battery last longer. Similarly, you’ll want to change the timeout settings to turn off the screen quicker when you’re not actively using your vape.

Lowering Temperature

Keeping your vape at a controlled temperature is crucial for extending the vape battery lifespan and boosting the overall performance of your device. This is especially important if your vape kit uses a built-in battery that can’t be removed and stored carefully.

Extreme heat and cold temperatures can negatively affect how well the battery performs, and batteries that are exposed to high temperatures for too long may end up experiencing capacity loss. Be sure to keep your vape in a controlled environment, such as a dark and cool place, and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.

Carrying Spare Vape Batteries

If you vape often, you may want to consider carrying some spare vape batteries around with you. Not only can this prevent you from charging your battery too frequently and running down its lifespan, but it also ensures that your vaping experience isn’t interrupted. Plus, by having several batteries in rotation, you can reduce the strain on your device’s older batteries. For ease and portability, we recommend picking up a protective pouch that you can use to store your batteries properly.

Final Thoughts

Just as with any electronic device, the longevity and performance of a vaping battery are largely influenced by how we treat and maintain it. By following the tips provided in this guide, not only can we prolong our vape battery’s life, but also ensure a safer and more satisfying vaping experience. Remember, good habits can make all the difference. By being conscious of how we charge, store, and use our vapes, we can maximise both the efficiency and lifespan of our batteries. Investing in quality equipment, using them responsibly, and giving them proper care are the keys to keeping our vapes in tip-top shape for the long haul.

Now that you’re equipped with our top tips to extend the life of your vape battery, you can enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to replace your batteries more frequently – which can be pretty pricey!

You’ll also want to invest in the best battery for your device from the get-go, which is where we come in. At Legion of Vapers, we’re ready to give you professional advice for the ultimate vaping setup, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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