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Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml


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50ml come with 1 nic shot and 100mls plus come with 2 nic shots FREE (EXC. Mystery Box)

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Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml

Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid is a wonderful range of ice cold, frozen fruit flavoured vape juices from the team at Yeti. The perfect taste for a warm summer’s day, these exquisite e-juices have every right to be considered an all-day vape.

Possibly the best thing about these e-liquids is the huge variety of taste profiles they come in. The Yeti Ice Cold E Liquid range includes a whopping 20 plus different flavours and counting! The Yeti has taken over for sure!

Yeti E Liquid shortfills are supplied in a 120ml bottle, but contain 100ml e liquid. This is so that enough room is left in the bottle for you to add up to 10ml nicotine shots to reach a nicotine concentration that works best for you. As these e liquids are 0mg (nicotine-free) we provide 2 free nic shots to leave the the option to increase your vape’s nicotine concentration.

Blended to a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG, these menthol e-liquids are categorically high VG. This means that they are most appropriate for use by direct-to-lung (DTL) devices, sub-ohm tanks, pod kits or pen e-cigs.

If you’re looking for a juice that allows you to try numerous different options, Yeti Ice Cold e-liquid is the one for you!

Yeti Ice Cold E Liquid Banner. Image displays numerous flavours, which are: Strawberry, Orange Mango, Lemonade, Honeydew Blackcurrant, Grape, Energy, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Apple Cranberry, Watermelon, Blueberry Peach. Text reads: Yeti Ice Cold 70VG 30Pg 100ml 3.6oz.

So what do they actually taste like? Here is a breakdown of the 29 unique ice vape profiles and more as Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid cannot stop releasing some absolute bangers!

Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml Flavours

Blue Razz Cherry Ice

This frosty concoction is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and cold. It leaves you stuck in a state known as “permafrost”, where one can’t help but search for more!

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Ice

The Yeti received a tropical masterpiece from the strong winds. Fortunately, it was frozen and preserved forever by the time it arrived in the arctic.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

The ultimate red slushy flavour, combining all of your favourite fruits into one delicious drink, taking you straight to Yeti cinema where it’s brain freeze time from the moment you sit down!

Apple Cranberry

Yeti Apple Cranberry features sweet green apples combined with juicy cranberries. This sweet-tasting vape also comes with with a sharp undertone that is followed by an intense blast of menthol mint on the exhale.

Apricot Watermelon

Polar watermelon crystals catapulted into a wall of frozen apricot, one person’s idea of fun is another’s recipe for deliciousness.

Banana Blast

A tropical blend of fresh, sweet and creamy bananas with a whack of polar ice!

Blood Orange Grape

An expert blend of ripened blood oranges with a sweet grape undertone. A combination few expected, but are certainly glad has arrived!

Blueberry Peach

A superb contrast of sweet blueberries and succulent peaches finished with a cool icy sensation on the exhale.

Blue Raspberry

An absolute classic, Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid is back at it again. Sweet sugary candy tastes combine with fruity tones of fresh juicy raspberries, topped off with an intense blast of mint menthol.


Juicy cherries blended with a sprinkle of sugar and laced with an intense menthol blast.

Citrus Freeze

A crazy blast of citrus blends mixed in a touch of sour. Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid can’t stop, won’t stop with releasing delicious vape juices!


Yes, you have heard this correct! Cola is the latest flavour to be released from the Yeti Monsters. It’s simple it’s cola!

Dark Fruits

A magical blend of dark fruits, combining sweet berries with an icy chill.


An exhilarating, charged combo of sweet summer berries and a crushed ice energy beverage laced with cool menthol.

Frost Bite

Mystery berries cross with a unique coolness to deliver a frosty exhale.

Frozen Pear

The latest addition to the Yeti family is available now! Sweet juicy pears are found sitting on ice with this one. If you love pears this is the one for you!


A light and sweet combination of deep dark berries topped off with lashings of mint.

Honeydew Blackcurrant

Fragrant slices of honeydew melon combined with deep dark grapes, providing a medley of sweet tangy flavours with an icy taste on the exhale.

Kiwi Pomegranate

An exotic blend of the finest kiwis and freshest pomegranates you can find. Undeniably a moreish vape juice that will whirl around your taste buds for time to come. Certainly a winner for the boffins at Legion of Vapers.


Lemonade is a thirst quenching vape featuring the intense citrus taste of freshly squeezed lemons with sweet fizzy water, topped off with an infusion of minty menthol.

Orange Lemon

This crisp, citrus sorbet will melt away on your tongue, keeping your thirst quenched while you follow the curious footsteps in the snow.

Orange Mango

A deliciously tangy taste of freshly sliced and squeezed oranges combined with the tongue twisting tropical tang of plump mangoes with an icy exhale.

Passionfruit Lychee

Turns out, the Yeti does have a passionate side. This Baltic blend will send shivers down your spine with lashings of luscious lychee.

Pineapple Grapefruit

Pineapple Grapefruit by Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid 100ml. Mouth-watering citrus blend of tangy grapefruit, topped with sweet freshly cut pineapple, topping off with an icy blast of menthol.

Pink Raspberry

Blue Raspberry’s little sister, Pink Raspberry has arrived! This citrus vape juice will have you yearning for more, and rightfully so as it is Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid after all.


Yeti Strawberry is a deliciously refreshing vape featuring a prime selection of plump ripe strawberries sliced and diced to release a host of sweet flavours with an icy taste on the exhale.


The uplifting and thirst quenching flavours of freshly sliced watermelon combine with a subtle but invigorating blast of minty menthol.

Mango Ice

Dive headfirst into a bold, ripe mango flavour blizzard, plucked straight from the frosty clutches of the Yeti’s lair. This blend is so icy that even the abominable snowman would shiver!

Pineapple Ice

Behold the frosty fusion of pineapple delight, chilled to Arctic depths. This legendary concoction has trekked through the polar expanse, arriving with a crispness that defies freezing temperatures.

Yeti Ice Cold E-liquid is here to stay and caused a real storm in the industry literally!

Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml Logo

Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml Features

100ml premium vape juice in a 120ml shortfill bottle
0mg Nicotine Strength
Room For Two 10ml Nic Shots
70% VG | 30% PG
Blended For Sub Ohm Vaping
Made In The UK
Recyclable Bottle
Childproof Cap

Come with 2 nic shot



The minds behind Yeti e-liquids are the team at Prohibition Vapes, and international, award-winning manufacturer of vape juice based out of Kent, right here in the UK.  Prohibition Vapes began as Smartcigs Ltd in 2012 and expanded rapidly, opening coffee and vape lounges under the name Prohibition Vapes. They subsequently developed their own E Liquid production capabilities and became known as Prohibition in 2017. Because Prohibition is fully equipped with a world-class pharmaceutical grade cleanroom, you can rest assured knowing that every bottle that is produced by the facility is as good as it can possible be. Not only that, but the brand is ISO14644 class 6 compliant and meets all standards.

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Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml
Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid Range 100ml

Original price was: £17.99.Current price is: £10.99.

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