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The Best E-Liquid Brands

When people first started vaping all those years ago, nobody could have predicted how massive the vape industry would become. These days there are countless different e-liquid brands that cater to all sorts of vapers, whether you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper or a well-versed cloud chaser. But it can be hard to figure out which brands are really putting out top-quality vape juices; the last thing you want is to be wasting your money on subpar e-liquids.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best e-liquid brands out there, sorted according to what flavour profiles they’re proven to thrive in. Whether you’re looking for a new brand to try or just want to know what others are loving, this blog has you covered.


Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is almost synonymous with dessert-flavoured e-liquids at this point, and for very good reason. Their line of vape juices inspired by classic sweet treats is loved by vapers around the world. Dinner Lady’s most iconic flavour so far is their Lemon Tart vape juice, reminiscent of a lemon curd filled tart topped with the most luscious meringue. Some of their other classic flavours include Blackberry Crumble and Strawberry Macaroon. Available as 50/50 nic salts in two different nicotine strengths, Dinner Lady has truly set the bar for dessert-inspired vape juices.


If you’re a fan of dessert flavours but prefer using shortfills, Cuttwood is definitely the brand for you. They’ve established themselves as one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers in the industry, with several ranges of flavours available. We think their line of dessert e-liquids have really set them apart from the crowd. One of their most popular flavours, Unicorn Milk, is inspired by everyone’s favourite strawberry milkshake with four different types of cream to create an extra dreamy flavour. These high VG shortfills are the perfect choice if you own a sub ohm device.

Ohm Brew

Brewed right here in the UK, Ohm Brew‘s homegrown e-liquids are sure to give any e-juice brand a run for their money. Although they don’t specialise in dessert flavoured e-liquids, every time they’ve dipped their toes in sweet treats has bred nothing but success. We highly recommend their Rhubarb & Custard flavoured nicotine salts, which start off with a tangy burst of rhubarb and are later rounded off with a bit of creamy, dreamy custard. All their nic salts are available in three nicotine strengths to help you find the perfect throat hit.


Zap Juice

More and more vape juice brands are coming out with e-liquids based off of our favourite fizzy drinks and beverages, and Zap Juice are one of the best players in the game. Their original shortfill range includes classic flavours such as Ginger Ale, Peach Ice Tea, and Purple Slushie and are available in 50 ml bottles – you can choose to mix in a nicotine shot or two as well. You can also find these same flavours as nic salts if you prefer using MTL vape kits. Don’t forget to check out their Cola range as well, which features fruity, fizzy e-liquid combinations that will leave your taste buds singing!


Fantasi‘s e-liquids are all your e-juice dreams come to life. They’ve released several different ranges of e-liquid flavours, all guaranteed to satisfy every type of vaper. Although most of their vape juice flavours are fruit-based, we wanted to take a minute to shine a spotlight on their zingy drinks-inspired e-liquid flavours. One flavour that really impressed us was their Lime Mojito Ice e-juice from their Fantasi Ice collection. It’s the perfect cocktail of tangy lime, fresh mint, and boozy rum. These e-liquids are so spot on they’re basically happy hour ready.

Holy Cow

Trust us when we say these e-liquids will have you shouting ‘Holy Cow!’ as soon as you try them out. Holy Cow vape juices are inspired by our favourite dessert-drink hybrid: milkshakes! As one of the first e-liquid brands to specialise in milkshake flavoured vape juices, they’ve truly perfected the perfect recipe and have released 6 different milkshake flavoured e-juices available as both nic salts and shortfills (as a bonus, the shortfills also come with free nicotine shots!). Whether you’re into the old-school favourites like Banana Milkshake or you’re looking for something more indulgent with Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel, you’re guaranteed an udderly luscious vaping experience with these e-juices.


Twelve Monkeys

If you’re looking for succulent, fruity flavours then Twelve Monkeys have got you fully covered. Specialising in juicy fruit combinations, Twelve Monkeys vape juices feature bold and bright flavours with just the right level of sweetness. They’ve released a few different lines of e-juices but if you’re after the amped up versions of your favourite fruits then check out their Origins shortfills. This range features fruit combinations you’ve probably never seen before but will feel familiar all the same. A couple of our favourites right now are Galago – a punchy mix of grape and lychee – and Saimiri, which combines succulent strawberries with a touch of creamy coconut milk.

Zeus Juice

Zeus Juice started out in 2013 with Paul Curtis hand-making e-liquids and passing them around to his friends to try. Since then, Zeus Juice has gone strength to strength and the brand frequently releases some of the most flavoursome e-juices in the vaping scene. They’ve produced a wide variety of flavours, ranging from desserts to tobacco to menthol, but we’re especially keen on their fruit-based flavours. If you use an MTL vape kit, definitely check out their range of nic salts; they’re available in three nicotine strengths to cater to your personal vaping preferences. A fan favourite, Helios, provides the perfect balance of tangy apricots and sweet summer peaches. Perfect for anyone that needs a splash of sunshine.

Jam Monster

Jam Monster‘s e-juices are absolutely jam-packed with bold flavours, and their fruit-based e-liquids are no exception. One of their most well known vape juice collections, their Fruit Monster shortfills, are packed with so much flavour they’ll make you think you’re biting into the ripest piece of fruit from the market. For those of you who have a soft spot for tropical fruits, we highly recommend their Mango Peach Guava vape juice – it’ll transport you back to your favourite summer beach getaway. These shortfills contain no nicotine but they do come with complimentary nicotine shots – one nic shot if you buy a 50 ml bottle or two nic shots if you buy a 100ml bottle.


Dr Frost

With a name like Dr Frost, expect an arctic rush as soon as you take a hit of your vape. The team at Dr Frost have created some of the iciest e-juices around, available as both nic salts and shortfills. If you prefer direct-to-lung vaping, we recommend trying their Frosty Fizz shortfills which come in five chilling flavours like Energy Ice and Blue Slush. For those of you who prefer using MTL vapes, their nicotine salts will work perfectly with your vape. They’re available in 2 nicotine strengths: 10mg and 20mg, and they have a wide selection of fun flavours such as Pink Soda and Blue Raspberry Ice.


Another giant in the menthol e-liquid game, Yeti‘s vape juices blend together the perfect balance of succulent fruit and refreshing mint. Their Ice Cold shortfills, available in 20 different flavour combos, are absolutely bone-chilling the best possible way. They’re available in 120 ml bottles and contain 100 ml of high VG vape juice, giving you enough space for up to two 10 ml nicotine shots. These same flavours are also available as nicotine salts that have a 60:40 VG/PG ratio, making them ideal for MTL vapers.

Just Juice

Just Juice is one of the most versatile e-juice brands, with collections that play with almost every e-liquid flavour market. They first burst into the vaping scene with their well-loved Original and Exotic Fruits collections. This time, we’re spotlighting their menthol vape liquids including their Ice range of shortfills and nicotine salts. They come in five fruity menthol flavours, with our favourite one right now being the Wild Berries & Aniseed flavour. The 50ml shortfills are also sold in 60ml bottles, giving you enough space to mix in a 10ml nic shot. This really just goes to show how versatile Just Juice e-liquids are, both in flavour and vaping style.


Nasty Juice

Sometimes nothing really beats the old-school smoky tobacco flavour, and Nasty Juice have really nailed it with their own interpretation of tobacco e-liquid. Their tobacco shortfills come in three different flavour variations: Bronze Blend, Silver Blend, and Gold Blend. Each flavour features that familiar smoky, woody tobacco fragrance but with an added twist such as vanilla custard and caramel. These tobacco vape juices are perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth but are looking to explore the world of tobacco flavoured e-juices.

Dr Vapes

If you’re familiar with Dr Vapes then you’ve definitely heard of their widely loved Black Panther e-liquid. Although they’ve released vape juices that cover all sorts of flavours, we think this tobacco-inspired e-liquid is unbeatable. It’s described as being a combination of Havana Tobacco, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and Turkish Ice Cream. If that doesn’t sound like heaven to you, we don’t know what will. This flavour is also available as both a shortfill and nicotine salt, so every type of vaper can enjoy this top-quality vape juice.

Candy King

Don’t let their name fool you, although Candy King may have blown up as a sweets-based vape juice brand, they’ve recently expanded into the tobacco flavour space as well. They’ve taken their renowned expertise in e-juice formulations and have created the Tobac King Salt Nic range. This new release includes three different flavours that combine bold and rich tobacco with hints of sweetness, a subtle call-back to their sugary roots. If this is your first time delving into tobacco-flavoured vape juices, Tobac King’s e-liquids definitely won’t disappoint.

We know how overwhelming picking out an e-liquid can be, especially if you’ve just started vaping. We hope this guide has helped you find some future-favourites and figure out which types of flavours and e-liquid types you’ll prefer. With such a wide variety of flavours to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And if you want to explore even more e-liquids, be sure to check out our wider collection!

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